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File #: 190387    Version: 0
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 6/11/2019 In control: HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION
On agenda: Final action: 11/4/2019
Effective date:    
Title: Resolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the construction of a new house at 2381 N. Terrace Avenue, in the North Point North Historic District, for Tim Gokhman of At Terrace, LLC.
Sponsors: THE CHAIR
Attachments: 1. Floor Plan Set HPC Meeting 11-4-19.pdf, 2. Drawings 11-04-19 HPC Meeting.pdf, 3. Application for HPC Meeting 11-4-2019.pdf, 4. Gokhman House New Submittal, 5. Letter of Support from Chris Rute, 6. HIstoric Water Tower Neighborhood Associatin E-Mail in Support of the Withdrawn Staff Report, 7. Staff Report, 8. Grill Station View from Sidewalk.jpg, 9. Section for Skylight FINAL.jpg, 10. WITHDRAWN - Staff Report Double Gable House-Nov 2019.pdf, 11. Tim Gokhman Letter of Sept 9th, 12. 09-09-19 HPC Meeting v3.pdf, 13. Meeting Notes.pdf, 14. Axon with Dims For Sept 9 2019.pdf, 15. August 7 Proposed Revision Draft Sketches.pdf, 16. Concerns from Margaret Howland, 17. September - Redesigned Plan, 18. Historic Water Towner Neighborhood Opposition Letter, 19. COA APPLICATION FORM.pdf, 20. COA ATTACHMENTS.pdf, 21. FULL SIZE PLANS 24x36.pdf, 22. PLANS 11x17.pdf, 23. Objection from a Neighbor, 24. Objection from a Neighbor, 25. Letter of Objection - Chris Rute.pdf, 26. Letter of Objection - Historic Water Tower Neighborhood Assoc., 27. E-Mail in Support, 28. Letter of Support - Joan Miller, 29. E-Mail in Support From a Neighbor, 30. E-Mail in Support - Daniel Cooper, 31. E-Mail in Support - Chris and Rory Foley, 32. E-Mail in Support - Andrew Culp, 33. E-Mail in Support - Josh Minkin, 34. Letter of Support from Stephen Thiel, 35. Applicant Presentation 07-08-19.pdf, 36. 07-08-19 HPC Meeting v2.pdf, 37. Site Context Collages-2MB.pdf, 38. Staff Report, 39. Letter to the Local Council Member, 40. Letter to Property Owner, 41. Letter to Property Owners Within 200 Feet, 42. List of Property Owners Within 200 Feet, 43. Certified Mailing to the Property Owner, 44. Certified Mail Receipt, 45. Certified Mail Receipt - At Terrace, 46. Sign-In Sheets, 47. Return Mailing to Elsner, 48. Sign-In Sheets from Sept meeting, 49. Sign-In Sheets - November meeting, 50. Certificate of Appropriateness
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Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said that the architect and owner addressed staff concerns with the new proposal. The interior layout is the same, but the house has a new front elevation with a double gable with the gables offset from each other. The gables are connected by a glass hyphen. The house is now much more vertical. The interior elements are in the same place overall, but the house has a different appearance. The skylight won't be visible at all from the public right of way. There will be an attached garage that also isn't visible from the street. There will be a deck with a grill station on the rear of the house. The house fits in with the neighborhood and is sited on the lot similar to other houses. The windows have a shadowbox effect. Staff recommends approval with details to be worked out with staff as detailed in the staff report. Ald. Bauman suggested removing the planter closest to the sidewalk for pedestrian safety. The architect had no objections. Barbara Elsner - no longer wishes to speak Margaret Howland - 2420 N. Terrace Ave. - she likes the design, but had some questions - she thinks she'll see the skylight from her bedroom window, so she is afraid of light pollution. She's also concerned about the porte cocher lighting. Grant, with staff conditions.
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Minutes note: The Chair said that a subcommittee met on August 19th and designs were gone through and they talked through the issues and concerns during the Commission meeting. The Chair read a lettter on behalf of the Commission based upon the subcommittee meeting. A copy is contained in file 190387. Tim Gokhman - 1729 N. Commerce St. - land owner and applicant Jason Korb - Korb Associates - Mr. Gokhman said that some of the concerns were similar to previous concerns while some were new. Mr. Jarosz moved to add the letter to the file and hold over until next month, seconded by Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown.
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Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said three lots were added to the historic district in 2018. A house and garage were built on two of the three lots which were purchased by the hospital and the buildings demolished. Tim Gokhman - 1729 N. Commerce - the house will be occupied by Ann Shuck, his counterpart. He will be building a house next to this house where he will eventually be living. Jason Korb - there will always be a minimum of 40 feet of green space between the hospital and the house lot line. The front setback is an average of the house setbacks across the street. The house will be two-story with artisan brick with decorative paneling, poured concrete at the base and wood paneling. Large windows facing south with garage doors hidden from the street. There is a lot of glass facing the street with a modern porte cochere with the overhang over the driveway. The staff recommends denial based upon proposed siting, the porte cocher which doesn't match the 5 existing porte cocheres in the district, scale which does not fit with its neighbors in that is 26 feet in height while the houses across the street range from 26 to 38 feet. It also does not match form in that there is not a single single-family home or duplex has a flat roof. The brick is a non-historic color and applied in a non-historic manner. The window sizes and placement are also not compatible with existing houses. Garage doors made of metal and glass are more common on commercial garages. Sliding patio doors have never been approved, no matter how obscured the public view. Opposed: Two members of the audience who didn't wish to speak. Margaret Howland - 2420 N. Terrace Ave. - she is concerned about the grade as it sets precedence for the next two houses. She doesn't think it's appropriate for the historic district. Dawn McCarthy - Historic Water Tower Neighborhood Association - did submit a letter, which she read at the meeting. Ald. Nik Kovac - he is glad the Commission added these three properties to the district. The materials are relatively classic and the design is thoughtful and they have responded to feedback. He isn't opposed to modern design in a historic district. About 80% of the Water Tower trustees were opposed to this development as proposed. He would like general discussion on what would be generally be acceptable or unacceptable. Ald. Bauman sees this design as contrary to most properties in the district in terms of being wider than it is taller and the windows are all square. Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown is concerned with the east elevation as it is so busy with a lot going on visually. She would also like a sneak peek of what is being proposed for house #2. Ms. Clendenen-Acosta agrees with Ald. Bauman and also would like to see preliminary designs of house #2. She would also like more of a transition with the existing neighborhood. Mr. Gokhman is looking for general guidance on the direction of design. Ms. Peltz would encourage the applicant to go back to the staff. Mr. Jarosz would also like to see more context with the existing neighborhood. He encouraged them to meet with staff. He doesn't object to modernism, but the materials need to be of a high quality. Hold to next month to consult with staff and establish a subcommittee. Barbara Elsner - 1840 N. Prospect Ave. - she is concerned about the size of the 3-car garage.
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Resolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the construction of a new house at 2381 N. Terrace Avenue, in the North Point North Historic District, for Tim Gokhman of At Terrace, LLC.




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