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File #: 161667    Version: 0
Type: Resolution Status: Dead
File created: 3/15/2017 In control: HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION
On agenda: Final action: 2/4/2019
Effective date:    
Title: Resolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a mothball certificate for 1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street, known as the Modjeska Theater, in the Mitchell Street Historic District for Modjeska Theater Project, LLC.
Sponsors: THE CHAIR
Attachments: 1. Mitchell Street BID Letter of Objection 2019-01-23.pdf, 2. 2018-06 Meeting Package.pdf, 3. Certificate of Appropriateness for Mothball Status, 4. Violations at Time of Granting of Mothball status, 5. Application, 6. Application Addendum 4-11-2017.pdf, 7. MODJESKA THREE WINDOW UNIT 9-25-2016.pdf, 8. MODJESKA TWO WINDOW UNIT 9-25-2016.pdf, 9. Mitchell st view.jpg, 10. East alley view.jpg, 11. 12th st view.jpg, 12. Staff Report, 13. Engineer's Vault Report.pdf, 14. Vault Repair Scope of Work.pdf, 15. Construction Drawings.pdf, 16. Correspondence.pdf, 17. 2018-06-04 HPC meeting submission.pdf, 18. Owner's letter for 01-14-2019.pdf, 19. Rescheduling Notice from April to May 2017.pdf, 20. Letter to the Local Council Member, 21. Letter to Property Owner, 22. Letter to Property Owners Within 200 Feet, 23. List of Property Owners Within 200 Feet, 24. Letter to Property Owner, 25. Certified Mailing to the Property Owner, 26. Certified Mail Receipt, 27. Sign-In Sheets, 28. Unclaimed Certified Mail, 29. Sign-In Sheets 1/14/19, 30. Sign-In Sheets 2/4/19, 31. Appeal Rights Letter, 32. Certified Mailing to the Property Owner, 33. Signed Certified Mail Receipt, 34. Unclaimed Certified Mail
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Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin this has been held over several times so the owners can prepare a RFP, which has been done. Ald. Perez and the Mitchell St. BID are both opposed to retention of the mothball status. Tom Vavra and Bob Sheehy - the RFP was updated and published. They have received some inquiries about this and they pushed back the initial date for the walk-through to Feb. 12th due to the weather. They would like another month granted as they are pleased with the responses they have received so far. The letter of intent is due on the 26th. The Modjeska Board will interview interested candidates and make a decision. Any levied fines will decrease the amount they can spend on the building. Ald. Bauman moves to deny the 6-month extension of the mothball certificate based upon the length of time there hasn't been any action. Seconded by Mr. Jarosz.
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Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said this is before the Commission again as the owner was getting ready to send out RFPs and wanted to be able to provide evidence that progress had been made. The mothball certificate has been in effect since 2016. Tom Vavra and John Kesselman - board members for the Modjeska Theater. Mr. Kesselman said a tenant who did $30,000 worth of work went bust. They have about 15 people who are interested in responding to an RFP, which is currently a draft and not final so not public yet. He did bring a few copies if HPC members wanted to look through it. It will go online on the 21st and be public then. Their goal isn't to own the property, but want the best operator for this site. Ald. Jose Perez - he would ask the commission to deny the mothball so action will occur at this site and he thinks they have had plenty of time to move forward. He doesn't object if this is held until the next meeting. Mr. Kesselman said the main cost is about $150,000 for required window work. They aren't trying to hold onto the building, but get a good owner in there. Ms. Keating Kahn moved to hold for a month and then schedule for Feb. 4th
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Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said this is the six-month review of the mothball certificate, which was issued May 17, 2017. There is no known work on fundraising or repairs and the boarded up windows do not match the cladding. John Kesselman - board member on the nonprofit board - they got out a tenant who wasn't doing the promised work. They had promised the city they would keep the building as a theatre. They did do the roof and scraped the asbestos caulk out of the windows and are doing odds and ends as they try to get a tenant/operator into the building. They have about 6 applicants and think they start work in the spring and then a 3-month construction process. The tenant put about $30,000 worth of improvements in the building and then went broke. The building could be open with $500,000 worth of work. They are constantly spending money on the building. They will show the RPF to the alderman and local BID. They want the operator to operate and rehabilitate the building. Tom Vavra - board member on the nonprofit board Ald. Jose Perez - there have been no written reports since the original COA was granted, Mr. Kesselman never responded to his request for a meeting and the building is a source of tension to the neighborhood. He has seen estimates of $1.5 to $2 million to get the building ready - it needs a lot of help. Ms. Peltz said it doesn't feel like there's a plan in place and they need a board that is involved in fundraising and willing to do all that work. She thinks it's very tough to do this with volunteers, rather than some paid staff. Hold for one month so the alderman and the board can meet.
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Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin and the Dept. of Neighborhood Services have no objection.
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Minutes note: Mr. John Kesselman - Mequon - said the first priority was to stabilize the sidewalk with a shoring system. They have bids on all the proposed work for the building. They have done about $14,000 in masonry work to secure everything and they have talked to two banks about financing. They are looking at using it as a theater as well as for events. He is estimating they'll be beginning construction in spring. Mike Manning - Dept. of Neighborhood Services - the department has no objections at this point. They still need to get permits yet, both from DNS and DPW. Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown moved to extend the COA for 6 months. Seconded by Ms. Clendenen-Acosta. There were no objections.
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Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said the current building replaced an original movie theater. The entity is owned by a non-profit. Staff recommends approval with numerous conditions including getting required COAs for completed work, getting COAs as required for the work and a detailed timeline and other conditions detailed in the staff report. John Kesselman - board member who took over the project Mr. Kesselman said some tuckpointing and stabilization of the terra cotta was done and he didn't realize he needed to get a COA. They also had exterior asbestos caulk removed. They also put on a new roof and did some parapet work. About $30,000 worth of work has been done on the interior. Ron Roberts - Commercial Code Enforcement section of Neighborhood Services - not opposed to the mothballing, but want the underground vault to remain separate. Staff recommended approval with four conditions and the Commission requires that the value be removed from the mothball. Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown moved, seconded by Ald. Bauman, that the COA approved with the four conditions set by staff and the sidewalk vault replacement shall be done within 60 days.
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Resolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a mothball certificate for 1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street, known as the Modjeska Theater, in the Mitchell Street Historic District for Modjeska Theater Project, LLC.



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