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Meeting date/time: 9/27/2021 11:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Virtual
Land Use Work Group
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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     Zoom link: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7807475204?pwd=bHo3d2ROdDJRT2VrRUNaS2xsdDhyUT09 Meeting ID: 780 747 5204 Passcode: 030609 One tap mobile +13126266799,,7807475204# US (Chicago) +13017158592,,7807475204# US (Washington DC) Working Group Members (14) Linda Frank, Chair Janet Meissner Pritchard, Bruce Wiggins, David Weingrod, Dynasty Ceasar, Kelly Moore Brands, Sam Leichtling, Scott Baran, Kimberly Kujoth, Tracy Staedter, Benjamin McKay, Katherine Riebe, Tracy Staedter, Dulmini Jayawardana     Not available
   1. Call to order, assign notetaker and roll call

Minutes note: Working Group Members (14) Linda Frank, Chair Janet Meissner Pritchard, Bruce Wiggins, David Weingrod, Dynasty Ceasar, Kelly Moore Brands, Sam Leichtling, Scott Baran, Kimberly Kujoth), Tracy Staedter, Katherine Riebe, Benjamin McKay, Bridget Brown, Dulmini Jayawardana Attendance: Linda Frank, Chair Janet Meissner Pritchard, Bruce Wiggins, David Weingrod, Kelly Moore Brands, Scott Baran, Kimberly Kujoth (11:13), Tracy Staedter, Benjamin McKay (11:13), Katherine Riebe, Bridget Brown Guest: Erick Shambarger (left 11:33) Excused Absences: Sam Leichtling, Dulmini Jayawardana Other Absences: Dynasty Ceasar Call to order 11:05, assign notetaker, Linda Frank. and roll call; with 9 members present, a quorum was reached (plus 2 members joining later)
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   2. Approve minutes of 5/24/21, 6/7/21, 6/21/21 and 9/13/21 meetings

Minutes note: a. Minutes of 5/24 and 6/7 were approved on 6/21, per notes taken down by Wiggins; Pritchard will check for her records from chairing the 6/21/21 meeting and will identify the notetaker for that meeting b. On motion by Weingrod, seconded by Riebe, and no objections, the 9/13 minutes were approved
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   3. Announcements a. Items in Google Drive document repository b. Education and Outreach/Nature in the City public events update c. Status of ARPA funding

Minutes note: a. Items in Google Drive document repository b. Education and Outreach/Nature in the City public events update i. These events are the primary opportunity for collecting surveys for Nature in the City ii. Brochure and survey created – these were screen shared and are in the Drive 1. Here is the link to the online survey - https://engagemke.com/climate-and-equity-plan/nature-in-the-city/ a. Brands suggested fixing the page break in the hard copy of the survey b. Wiggins urged volunteers to point out the equity aspects of the proposals c. Volunteers were asked to be diligent about collecting demographic data requested on the survey form iii. Listing of Nature in the City events and volunteers 1. Plazita Verde neighborhood event at Rieske Park attended on 9/23, staffed by Frank, Riebe and Brands 2. 9/29 Reflo event, 2:30-2:30 at Mitchell Elementary; volunteer needed - Brands, Brown and Staedter 3. 10/7 Reflo event, 4:00-5:30 at Riley Elementary – Frank and Weingrod; ECO intern Farrah will be asked to provide Spanish staffing 4. Potential future events w/MMSD; Black neighborhoods will be considered, like Westlawn and Northwest Fresh coalition; initial focus was on the southside Hispanic neighborhoods iv. ECO tablet is available for online survey completion c. Status of ARPA funding; Frank gave an update Mayor’s first phase includes two items related to TF proposals – residential energy efficiency and green jobs workforce development at Century City. No proposal for Nature in the City. Finance Committee will take up proposals item by item. Alderpersons to submit their own proposals by October 1. Frank did contact Alderman Kovac’s office and expects to talk to him about advocating for Nature in the City ARPA funding. Information from Shambarger was shared - Mayor Barrett had proposed $200,000 to support HOME GR/OWN, particularly completion of Victory Over Violence Park on MLK. A news story on the project is here and the actual proposal is on page 52 of this document. Although this did not originate with the Climate Task Force, Shambarger thinks it somewhat aligns with our respective goals. Feel free to demonstrate your support to the Common Council! i. Victory Over Violence improvements include expanded gardens and solar light bollards
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   4. Reports on progress of Chapter Template drafting

Minutes note: a. Depave and Grow Green – Staedter (Dulmini interested in contributing) i. Green Lots as a focus, as well as biodiversity in City and County Parks ii. County Parks meeting set iii. Leichtling gave them info on the parking lot code iv. Shambarget sent them an update on the landscape guide b. Permanent Protection of Important Natural Areas - Riebe i. Riebe will address preserving canopy as well as virgin land; preventing loss of trees ii. Areas for protection - Menomonee River Greenway, County Grounds, SEWRPC Natural Areas recommended for acquisition; McKay and SEWRPC staff will address how zoning overlays can increase existing protections c. Tree Canopy – Pritchard i. Broad conceptual ideas from Branch Out; caution against simple planting without follow up; education and maintenance are to be front and center; target outreach to private homeowners; offer to plant a new tree for them; proactively respond to the public concern about trees being a hazard; financing avenues have been explored by Pritchard and Kujoth; preservation of natural spaces would come in; consider fees against removing trees for development; policy recommendations ii. Brands said an event attendee asked about getting help for taking down a dead tree; it can cost $1,000 iii. Riebe responded to development project aspect; see Cleveland ordinance on tree protection during development; when sidewalks need to be torn up, they are put in narrower to help trees iv. 2022 Urban Forestry grant applied for by MWC re assessing trees on private land in Sherman Park neighborhood v. Weingrod questions how we are going to get to scale on these projects; our proposals will have a small impact vi. Maximizing use of public space; DNR tool for inventorying trees online; city forestry uses this but not all city-owned land is listed; where are we with maximizing public land?; 98% planting capacity is the goal for street trees; does not include city parks and facilities, nor MPS or county; must pay attention to maintenance and to equity; emphasize where tree canopy is increased rather than raw numbers; Forestry maintains the street trees; trees in city parks could probably get inventories done; MKE Parks manages city parks although Forestry is involved vii. Baran commented that Forestry is planting for tree replacement of street trees; they have done projects w/MPS rec areas; they have not managed their trees properly; you could plant at county parks to realistically increase tree canopy; restriction of existing funding and staffing levels at Forestry viii. McKay - Check with County Parks on what areas might already be planned and not available for tree planting ix. Creation of a Neighborhood Tree Board is suggested by MWC for the Sherman Park proposal; could be replicated across the city potentially d. Chapter Template Generally i. Ideas for Secondary Strategy will be considered as we go forward
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   5. Sharing of Feedback from the community

Minutes note: a. Results of surveys from tabling events to be shared next time b. Comments from a Forestry presentation with Sierra Great Waters Group – there was enthusiasm for de-paving; a suggestion was made for de-paving and greening of Maier Festival Grounds
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   6. Action Items and Next Steps a. Items for next agenda b. Next meeting

Minutes note: a. Items for next agenda i. McKay of SEWRPC will present an overview of primary and secondary environmental corridors ii. McKay will arrange for a future presentation by SEWRPC on the Regional Natural Areas Plan iii. Sharing drafts of the three template sections underway b. Next meeting
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   7. Adjournment

Minutes note: Adjournment at 12:30 pm on motion of McKay and no objections. Minutes provided by Linda Frank.
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