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Meeting date/time: 2/3/2021 2:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Virtual
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Roll call.

Minutes note: Meeting convened: 2:33 P.M. Members present: Linda Frank, George Martin, Erick Shambarger, Ted Kraig, Janet Meissner Pritchard, Nik Kovac, Rafael Smith, Pam Fendt, Julie Kerksick, Pam Ritger and Rafael Smith Also present: Bialk Tha Hlawn, who will be an official member on Tuesday. Member excused: August Ball.
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   2. Review and approval of the minutes from the January 20th meeting.

Minutes note: Ms. Frank said that #4 - Land Use Group - Kujoth (Kimberly) and Scott Barren - city forestry, not DPW (add forestry after DPW). There is no Kimberly Scott who is a member. Transportation Commission - Cannis and Tonya Foncza and Marissa Meyer, not Melissa Meyer. Ms. Frank moved to approved as corrected, seconded by Mr. Kraig. There were no objections.
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   3. Update from the work groups and add/remove members.

Minutes note: Mr. Martin moved to add Jennifer Evans, Mandy McAllister, Dynasty Caesar, Shannon Sloan Spice, Richard Diaz, Stephanie Mercado and Aquira Maron to the Education and Outreach Work Group. There were no objections. Ms. Frank moved to add Kathy Riebe and Antonio Butts to the Land Use, Urban Agriculture and Reforestation Work Group. There were no objections. The group met and they have a starting list of 5 potential project topics. Mr. Wiggins said the Waste and Consumption Work Group asked for an update on the ICLE report and he would ask that other work groups do this as well so it becomes the basis for all the other work groups. Mr. Shambarger will ask ICLE to create a recording; Ms. Elmer will see if the recording is available. Mr. Wiggins would like a 15-20 minute presentation. The Finance Committee also met and created a time table and trying to figure out a standing meeting is difficult; Ms. Meissner Pritchard will send out the dates for those standing meetings after this meeting. Mr. Ted Kraig moved to add Celia Jackson and Nathaniel Holton to the Transportation and Mobility Work Group. There were no objections. The first meeting went well and covered logistics and also involved brainstorming. There were no objections. Ms. Kerksick said the Jobs and Equity Work Group will create an updated map for career pathways for people who have been locked out of these kinds of jobs. A contract was issued with Anisha Bhat and that contract has been executed. Mr. Shambarger noted the Dept. of Education executed another contract as well and he'll be meeting with the contractor tomorrow. Ms. Pam Ritger asked to add Warren Jones, Korinne Haeffel, Jacob Walton, Amanda Schienebeck, Jennifer Evans, Kevin Kane, Jill McClellan, Kathleen Ellis, Kimya Green and Anne White to the Green Buildings Work Group. There were no objections. It was a great meeting today, discussed the timeline and the time commitment as well as a presentation. The housing strategy, per Mr. Shambarger, is to build housing components in a factory setting and then assemble on-site on empty lots in lower-income areas. This idea will be submitted to Mayor Bloomberg's global challenge. It seemed like folks were interested in developing this idea. Mr. Shambarger will put the PowerPoint into the Task Force's file from this meeting.
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   4. Discussion of the federal stimulus bill funding.

Minutes note: Mr. Shambarger said there has been lots of stimulus lately, but no funding directly to cities. Mr. Gordie Bennett said Coronavirus funding does include funding for renewable energy for lower-income families. There is also a re-commitment to the Paris agreement. Mr. Kerksick said the reconciliation is underway dividing up the federal money and one possible change is the individual impact payments will remain at $1,400 but will be more targeted. Her other suggestion was to ask Congresswoman Moore's legislative director as well as asking the city/county intergovernmental folks and Ald. Kovac will ask them to either appear at our next meeting or prepare a memo. Mr. Shambarger said intergovernmental relations is seeking shovel-ready projects; he is going to submit shovel-ready projects for city buildings, solar projects and street lighting projects. He is putting stuff together quickly and there really is no time to vet every single idea. Ms. Kerksick encouraged Mr. Shambarger to review the Task Force preliminary report for shovel-ready projects, such as tree planting or lead abatement (lead laterals owned by the city). Ms. Ritger said there might be money for actual lead abatement rather than for staff - she can contact the health department about this. Mr. Shambarger said other city departments are submitting their requests. Ms. Fendt said there might be immediate jobs involving installing water filters and she and Ms. Ritger will get together off-line to discuss other options. Mr. Bennett said the CARES act was more focused on buying supplies and infrastructure related to COVID-19 and asked if the new funds can be used for services/programs rather than buying stuff. Mr. Shambarger will speak with Intergovernmental Relations staff. Mr. Bennett will speak with the County Executive's Office and the County Board. It is not known if money will be specific to the city or county or to the state to distribute. Ald, Kovac also noted that lead poisoning is primarily due to lead paint, rather than lead in the water, which is much more intrusive to remediate. Ms. Ritger will contact the Social Development Commission to see if there is a way to get funding for combining weatherization and lead remediation. Ald. Kovac noticed that windows both leak heat and are the primary source of lead poisoning in children. Ms. Pritchard noted that the finance committee is looking at on-bill financing on water bills, rather than energy bills. Mr. Shambarger will inquire whether the city can request programmatic funds rather than solely capital projects. Ms. Kerksick also asked if Milwaukee County electric buses could be included as a shovel ready project, if Mr. Bennett can find this out. Mr. Bennett noted that that program has currently been suspended in order to see how the existing 10 buses work in the cold climate. Mr. Shambarger noted that the health dept. staff is stretched very thin due to COVID and Mr. Martin suggested asking the University for assistance on this academic end of this. Ald. Kovac will be meeting with the new Health Commissioner next week.
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   5. Discussion of a possible media release re. the Task Force.

Minutes note: The Communications group will need to look at this; this is definitely an interest of Ms. Hlawn and she is willing to take this on. Mr. Martin said it was discussed to show where the task force is at and the media release would be done at the end of March to go with the release of the Vulnerability Study. Involving the public more would be decided at the end of March and Mr. Martin would be involved as a moderator, rather than a politician. Mr. Martin said the media release would be the first phase of a media campaign, not just an isolated event. An ECO web site would be created for public events and the media release would be a Zoom event with a Facebook linkage. It was also discussed having aldermanic or county newsletters talking about the task force's work and contact community newspapers (black, brown and suburban) and create a list of media contacts. Mr. Shambarger thinks having a video platform for the public will be less disruptive than new members attending each meeting. Hlawn said that Instagram works best for reaching youth.
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   6. Creation of an Equity Impact Metric.

Minutes note: Ms. Pritchard said the metric might measure a number of things, rather than just one. Ms. Kerksick said the primary equity she is looking for is access to clean energy, access to renewable energy, access to reducing consumption and her focus is primarily through the job lense in terms of employment, income, jobs level, etc., but possibly each work group needs to define "equity" for itself. Ms. Sharon Robinson should be contacted to see what their office did with its Equity report. Mr. Martin is concerned with contractors and subcontractors and would love to see the equity question come through the Jobs work group. Ms. Frank said the work groups will use the Equity Impact Statement, but getting more information from Ms. Robinson will be helpful as well as how inclusion will be addressed. Mr. Martin asked that it be decided if this issue goes to Jobs and Equity work group. Mr. Shambarger said Ms. Nikki Purvis is the city's equity officer and to ensure she can attend the next Jobs and Equity work group. Mr. Bennett asked the Jobs and Equity Work Group to reach out to Jeff Roman who is with the county Office of African American Affairs. Ms. Meissner Pritchard would like one equity measurement, created by the Jobs and Equity work group. There were no objections for this falling under the Jobs and Equity work group, chaired by Rafael Smith. Ms. Kerksick though the Jobs and Equity work group will create the equity metric and the work groups can create additional equity measures as needed. Mr. Smith asked if there were any measurement numbers relating to equity which were delineated in the creating ordinance for energy-related goals. Ald. Kovac thought average income or wealth would be a good measurement of equity, while Ms. Kerksick thought unemployment rate would be a better measure as income/wealth is a very hard needle to move. Ms. Elmer will put a blank Equity Impact Statement into file 191923. Mr. Wiggins noted that there are no aspirational numbers for equity in the creating ordinance and Ms. Frank was concerned if statistics for specific areas can be measured. Mr. Smith noted that the same aspirational numbers need to be noted the same as they are for environmental goals. Ms. Purvis needs to be invited either to the next Task Force meeting or the next Jobs and Equity Work Group meeting.
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   7. Agenda items for the next meeting?

Minutes note: Ken Blaeske said he is looking forward to the jobs that will be created as a result of reduced fossil fuel use. Members seemed to want to have a county supervisor to begin service rather than wait until after the April election for both political action as well as all the work being done between now and May. There will be an agenda item to report back on the county chair's response. Ms. Frank thought the Governor's Task Force recommendation will be on the next agenda. That will be on the next agenda. Federal stimulus update. Meeting adjourned: 4:33 P.M. Linda M. Elmer Staff Assistant
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