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Meeting date/time: 9/2/2020 4:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 303
This is a virtual meeting. If you wish to participate, please e-mail lelmer@milwaukee.gov or call 414-286-2231.
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Roll call.

Minutes note: Meeting convened: 4:33 P.M. Members present: Camille Mays, Gina Zarcone, Jamaal Smith, Shawn Muhammad, Damien Smith, Nate Hamilton, Tim Baack, Amy Orta, Fred Royal, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Pamela Malone Members excused: Tammy Rivera, Will Perry, Steve Jansen, Jeff Roman, Huezong Yang
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   2. Review and acceptance of the minutes of the August 26th meeting.

Minutes note: These will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.
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   3. Discussion with Acting Police Chief Michael Brunson relating to implementation of the Department of Justice recommendations and possible votes on future actions by the Commission.

Minutes note: Chair Hamilton thanked both the Acting Chief and members for attending this virtual meeting. AC Brunson is aware of the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) recommendations as he was involved in some aspects of it and he also reviewed other documents relating to the CCC. None of the members had been contacted and Mr. Hamilton asked who had been contacted and felt as if the past two years' worth of work had been unacknowledged and there should have been a joint effort in moving forward. AC Brunson said he is in the process of looking at the different changes that have to be made relating to SOP that overlap with the best practice recommendations and MPD will be in compliance with "Eight Can't Wait" after September 24th. The ACLU agreement also addressed a lot of the collaborative reforms, which has very stringent standards to meet when doing traffic stops. The plans will be implemented over five years. Mr. Hamilton is concerned that e-mails with comments/suggestions will be filtered so that all voices are not heard. The CCC is entailed to go out to the community and collect the data on how the community feels. "ReWaukee" is an MPD initiative to get more input from the community and the e-mail is for citizens to sign up for the "Speak outs" and is another way for MPD to engage; it is not a sign of disrespect to CCC. He is willing to collaborate with any entity that is working on increasing citizen safety and to reduce police harassment and treating people with respect. Ms. Deborah Blanks said this group has been meeting for years to make sure that community voices have been heard. The CCC is asking how to work with the police dept. most effectively. She wants to ensure that the community is heard and their work is used in the most effective manner. Mr. Fred Royal said in November 2019, the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) directed MPD to create an SOP for Community-Oriented Policing (COP). As of today, there have been no formal discussion as to how the CCC and MPD will work together to create this SOP; ReWaukee seems duplicative of what CCC has already done. CCC wants systemic change and to capture this opportunity now so that the process isn't delayed any further. A speaker asked who should be contacted in the department to set up a meeting to even begin the process. As of now, Terrence Gordon and Shunta Boston Smith will both be contact persons, as well as Inspector Willie Murphy. AC Brunson will forward the contact information. Ms. Camille Mays said that if the MPD wants more input from the community, then he needs to work with the CCC who does speak for the community. AC Brunson feels that ReWaukee isn't a duplication as CCC gathered information through the hubs and ReWaukee is an initiative, as he previously stated. He is looking for feedback across a broad spectrum, of both those who support and those who do not support the police. Mr. Fred Royal said the DOJ tasked the Community Collaborative Committee with finding solutions in areas where MPD and FPC were short in best practices. He is concerned that ReWaukee will merely be going over the same ground the Committee did, which wastes time. How do we co-create the SOP for COP and create a citywide safety plan, asked Mr. Royal. AC Brunson says the department is going beyond some of the DOJ recommendations and not all citizens participated in the hubs. Ms. Pam Malone said that members are not the police, but they do have expertise and Mr. Jamaal Smith said they heard from many citizens who lived in violent areas during the hubs. He feels that ReWaukee disregards the work of the CCC and that ReWaukee should extend the work of CCC, which this doesn't. Ms. Neumann-Ortiz said the CCC is the product of an extensive process that has the support of the Common Council and the FPC and this is a historic opportunity to make a difference and the CCC really does engage the community. The CCC, per Ms. Neumann-Ortiz, is very democratic and does represent a variety of constituents. Ms Malone wants the CCC to be an equal partner and not cast off into the corner. AC Brunson estimated that changes are implemented almost immediately once the SOP language is agreed upon or within a month, depending on what the changes relate to, such as use of force policies. Mr. Royal asked how well MPD is utilizing citizen contact cards; AC Brunson wasn't sure and the CGI audits of the accuracy and validity of the stops and frisks are being done. Part of the CCC charge is if the lawsuit requirements are being met and AC Brunson will check on what data is available on the distribution of contact cards. Mr. Hamilton asked if the CCC can meet with the department within the next week to co-create the COP SOP. Feedback received via ReWaukee will be shared. Mr. Hamilton said defunding the police has its own area of concern and that isn't a concern of the CCC; the CCC is working on changing the practices and policies of MPD to make MPD actions more acceptable to the community. Ms. Malone said some people want some funds to be diverted from the police department, but not defunding the police. Ms. Malone did note that AC Brunson does have her support as she has seen no reason not to support him. Ms. Camille Mays said it would be helpful if there are any media releases or press conferences, that the CCC should be involved so the community can trust the process. Ms. Neumann-Ortiz supported that idea and that would show good leadership and build trust. Mr. Hamilton would also like to have the mayors on these calls so we all work together, which builds trust and transparency. Ms. Elmer will send a contact list to AC Brunson. Ald. Hamilton said that having AC Brunson come before the CCC is very important. ReWaukee is an internal program while the CCC is a sanctioned city entity that has to exist due to the ACLU settlement.
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   4. Discussion with Acting Police Chief Michael Brunson relating to Commission and community involvement in community oriented policing (COP) and possible votes on future actions by the Commission.

Minutes note: This was discussed as part of item #3.
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   5. Formation of Executive Committee membership.

Minutes note: Mr. Hamilton said that committees will be set up and he hopes members will serve on at least one committe. The next meeting we will be establishing committees and who will be serving on those. Ms. Elmer will get from members what committees there will be. He just wants to make sure that everyone's voice is heard within this commission.
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   6. Set next meeting date and agenda.     Not available
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