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Meeting date/time: 2/10/2020 3:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 301-B
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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Attachments: PowerPoint Presentation (not including the historic designation), Coughlin Permanent Historic Designation PowerPoint
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191329 01.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the construction of a new two-story mixed-use building at 1697 N. Marshall Street, in the Brady Street Historic District, for Beach House LLC.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said this is a vacant site on Brady Street due to a fire 20 years ago. Applicant is proposing a two-story mixed-use building witha minimal outdoor parking space and the apartment entrance off of Marshall. There are four approval criteria reviewed by staff. The siting is generally acceptable to staff and the curb cut has been minimized in regards to placement of garbage carts. He would like to see more space between the second-floor windows and the balcony railing could have more detail to add visual interest. The roofline and details conform to Brady Street. Staff recommends approval with conditions detailed in the staff report. The plans are pretty much what staff expected and asked for over the preceding two months. Yves LaPierre, Dept. of City Development, said there was a neighborhood meeting on January 13th and the reception was positive to the building and the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee approved this on Feb. 4th pending approval by this body. Grant with conditions in the staff report.
ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
191429 02.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a dormer addition and window relocation at 2518 N. Terrace Avenue, in the North Point North Historic District, for Larry Bonney.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that the project is to do a kitchen remodel and add a bathroom on the second floor. Three windows on the ground floor will be affected and a new dormer added, which will be hardly visible from the street and will be an exact copy of an existing dormer. The slate from the roof will be salvaged and a membrane roof will be on the new dormer (which the current dormer has). Staff requests that a sill be retained and recess the brick infill for the one stand-alone window. It seems to meet the guidelines for alterations and additions. The staff report does detail a few conditions John Van Rooy - the architect - they do have existing brick that matches in the garage. The architect is fine with leaving the sill in. Approve, with staff conditions.
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191498 03.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of two projecting signs at 144 E. Wells Street, the Pabst Theater, an individually designated property, for Pabst Theater Foundation.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that the proposal is to erect two large, vertical marque blade signs, 7 feet deep and 27 feet tall. There was a large blade sign in the late 1920s and was removed in 1975 or 1976. The signs are large box, an homage to the original sign, but staff doesn't support the signs. There will be scrolling lights and details. Mr. Askin said the opera house signage was minimal, which this is not. Ald. Bauman noted that the Chicago opera has a huge sign on its wall announcing forthcoming attractions. Mike Kinsella - Elevated Identity, contractor - it would have open face channel letters as Turner Hall and Riverside have. The P-A-B-S-T lights would scroll through the letters. The scrolling and chasing lights can be turned off or slowed down if it becomes an issue. Ald. Bauman has no objection to the two proposed signs. Staff doesn't feel a sign of this type is appropriate to a building of this type. Mr. Jarosz sees that this type of lighting is restricted to artistic venues. Ald. Bauman moved for approval with no conditions. Jason Gerrill - Pabst Theater Group - they didn't want a garish sign. Ald. Bauman thought that theatres had garish signs. Mr. Jarosz seconded without amending.
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191517 04.ResolutionSubstitute resolution relating to the Permanent Historic Designation of the Bryan and Mary Coughlin House at 5027 W. North Avenue in the 15th Ald. District

Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said the nomination was submitted by the property owner, Thad Nation. This was originally a 50-acre site owned by Bryan Coughlin and this was probably the residential property for the 50 acres. In 1891, a rapid transit line was established by Captain Pabst and his cohorts from downtown to Wauwatosa, which led to rapid development in this area. Mr. Coughlin also built other residential buildings on the 50-acre parcel, but a number of those have been demolished. The house, at the time, was in the Town of Wauwatosa; the city annexed the land in 1910 and Mr. Coughlin became a concerete contractor from 1911 to 1922. In 1945, Jerrold Peever and his wife Jeanette bought the house and he ran his perfume business out of the first floor and the second floor was used as a residence. Mr. Peever eventually married Loretta Coughlin, the single daughter of Bryan Coughlin. The property began changing owners in 1979. Ms. Hatala said the building is a well preserved Classic Queen Anne house and retains many of its architectural details. The garage was built by William Coughlin in 1911. Staff recommends designation based upon e-5, embodiment of the distinguishing characterics of an architectural type or specimen and e-9, its unique location which represens an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community or the city. Thad Nation - owner of the property since 2007
191520 05.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for mothball status at 2804 - 2810 W. Kilbourn Avenue, in the Concordia Historic District, for Sam Stair of S2M2 Real Estate.

Minutes note: Held at the request of the applicant.
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191521 06.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for replacing the roof at 1218 E. Brady Street, in the Brady Street Historic District, for Pat Suminski.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said there are two proposals; one the applicant would like and the other staff would prefer. All of the photos are from the 1950s, although the building was built in 1913; there is no information on the roof materials. There has been metal tile in the front roof area since 1950 and the rest of the roof is asphalt shingle. There is a plain chimney, which staff is fine with its removal. Proposal 1 is Landmark shingle with a reddish brown color for the entire roof. Staff is fine with the materials and color. Proposal 2 is the Landmark shingles for the rear areas and new metal tile in the front in the red tones that best coordinate with the asphalt shingle. Staff recommends allowing chimney removal and proposal 2 with the option of using the metal tile for the entire roof. The metal tile is on the roof's front facade. Chris Wichgers - contractor - the metal tiles are three times the cost of the shingles. Mr. Jarosz moved for approval of proposal 2, with tile on the front slope, and shingle on the rest of the roof.
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191534 07.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for construction of a new house at 2387 N. Terrace Avenue, in the North Point North Historic District, for Tim Gokhman of At Terrace, LLC.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that this is the second proposed house, the middle lot, for three lots purchased from Columbia St. Mary's hospital on former hospital property. The house has metal components with wood accents and a front gable. There will be a two-car garage behind the house with a wood deck in back. The house will be a mixture of medium gray and dark gray brick; there will be a green roof with solar panels and a sun room. Staff recommends approval with conditions detailed in the staff report. The recessed corner porch is uncommon in the neighborhood, but not unprecedented. The massing is in character with the neighborhood and roofs and projections are placed to avoid a monolithic appearance. Staff is concerned about the stained wood, which is better than the initally proposed plain wood. Staff would like more horizontal divisions in the first floor windows to break them up more. Jason Korb - Korb & Associates - the solar panels will not be visible from the street and they are dark in color. The owner would prefer not to have horizontal divisions in the front windows. Tim Gokhman - owner - the goal was to have a classic form with modern elements. The front windows were mullioned in the past as they were unable to make large windows. The windows are the only exception that he asks. Mr. Jarosz was fine without the horizontal lines on the front windows, as was Ms. Clendenen-Acosta and Ald. Bauman.
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     The following files represent staff approved Certificates of Appropriateness:    Not available
191492 08.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for replacement of the upper sash of four windows at 2821 E. Belleview Place, in the North Point North Historic District, for Katz Properties.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Video Video
191493 09.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the replacement of awnings at 1015 N. 9th Street, St. Benedict the Moor Roman Catholic Church, an individually designated property, for the St. Benedict Priory.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
191621 010.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for erecting a fence at 2876 N. Grant Boulevard, in the Grant Boulevard Historic District, for Amy Christensen.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
191624 011.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of two wall signs at 1044 N. Old World Third Street, in the Old World Third Sreet Historic District, for Jake Dehne.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
191648 012.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the replacing a fence, repointing, and repairing the roof at 2933 W McKinley Boulevard, in the Cold Spring Park Historic District, for Marcus & Cheryl Switzer.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
191650 013.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a winter entry awning at 235 E. Michigan Street, in the East Side Commercial Historic District, for Historic Milwaukee, Inc.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
   14. Review and approval of the minutes from the January 6th meeting.

Minutes note: Mr.Jarosz moved, seconded by Ald. Bauman, for approval of the minutes. There were no objections.
    Not available
   15. Updates and announcements.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin would like to have the murals subcommittee meet prior to the March HPC meeting so that item can be on the March agenda.
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