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Meeting date/time: 5/9/2019 2:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 301-B, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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     1. Call to Order at 2:08 PM    Roll call Not available
     2. Introductions of members. Also present Tea Norfolk - LRB     Roll call Not available
     3. Discussion relative to the objective of the Subcommittee.     Not available
     4. Brainstorming.

Minutes note: Chair Hammond said that accountability and enforcement subcommittee has two areas to focus on : reckless driving and the criminal aspect of it. Ald. Murphy thanked Ms. Hammond for taking the lead on this area. He said that as we look at the current policies as it relates to accountability and enforcement and determining if it needs to have any changes on certain areas that need improvement. He shared an article relative to the DPW City Employee killed, where the individual who killed the City Employee, Tyron Clayborn who pleaded guilty to the Hit-and-run death was knowingly driving with a suspended license, causing the employees death. Clayborn faces 18 years in prison. According to the complaint, Clayborn has never had a valid drivers license. He has had 14 prior convictions prior to this fatal accident. Clearly this reflects no accountability. Murphy continues by saying how is this guy, having 14 convictions still driving and now murdered someone? How is the system not working? Murphy asks the legislative reference bureau staff to search for facts as to what is currently happening with our criminal court system as it relates to people who have been found guilty of these issues, what is the penalty and are they serving any penalties and why if they are not, is not having an impact in changing behavior. There was a committee under the Mayor’s office that was looking at the criminal court system and doing a flow chart of mapping (showing what happens to an individual going through the court system) trying to figure out what happens to a young offender. He asked Health Department Representative for them to share their findings. Chair Hammond reckless driving, someone driving without a drivers license, driving crazy and the current status within the youth is fleeing (high speed chases) law enforcement. Article about “teen fleeing police causes crash, majority of juvenile cases I review there is almost always Nichole said that drivers license recovery program has been working on these issues for a long time, found that OWS (operated while suspended) is civil so no matter how many citations they receive, it was not a deterrent. Young people lose their licenses for other non-traffic violations so they’re not going to be motivated to change their reckless behavior by receiving more citations. Ald. Murphy said that citations are one thing other than penalties in terms of what are the mechanisms to hold somebody accountable; as municipal court will state 75% of the issued citations are no shows. In many respects, he can see the frustration of MPD when they write citations and they almost can see the person taking off. What mechanisms in the criminal court system would change behavior? What the best practices, nationally. Based on a conversation with Judge Mosley who said that 30,000 – 40,000 people in Milwaukee are driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Chief Hughes said that initially we are talking about people losing something that they never had so to try to put accountability on someone that never had the responsibility of going through the process of owning a license is probably futile. You debate about putting kids in jail at such young age because that would just promotes the continue process of doing that. While talking in regards to truancy, we’ve talked about keeping parents accountable, but parents are not doing the action they are simple the authority in the child’s life. Nichole said that one of the goals of MPS drive is to get young people into an opportunity they did not have before. All quantitative and qualitative data collected through this program shows that this was a great opportunity to get a license. Ald. Murphy said that this council in the past has allocated tax dollars to be put towards MPS for the purpose of bringing back driver education curriculum. Ald. Murphy asked if there are any other strategies that can be effective in changing the behavior as it relates to the criminal court system. Ald. Murphy said that this task force agrees to sponsor a program with the Fire and Police Commission, the heroic kids and at the same we are going to hear from victims who have lost family members and hearing what they have to say also. Our focused should be on youth and the older crowds that are also breaking the law repeatedly. What is the municipal court role play in this issue? The municipal court has a minimal role in this issue; monetary court. If you have a citation there may be an in lieu-of- citation option, like community service, but if defendant is noncompliant muni court sends it to the collection agency. Muni court does not have the enforcement ability as criminal court do said Ms. Himle. Ms. Hammond said that at one point in time, a revoked license statue meant something, but now it seems to not have enough weight to change behaviors. The driver license recovery program has done a lot of work with helping individuals become eligible to obtain a license, as well as MPS Drive. MPD through Juvenile Milwaukee Collaborative Offender Re-entered Program (JMCORP) and DA’s can identify who the drivers (and high value targets) are. These are been target to use these resources. Ms. Hammond said that MPD has done a fantastic over the last 5-6 years. Ald. Murphy asked if there have been any strategies, evaluated by its effectiveness on the kids. Ms. Hammond said that a lot of these kids once they reach adult court have said that a mentorship program by their own peers would have been effective resource. Asst. Chief Brunson said that motor vehicle thefts and carjacking have historically decreased due to a combination of factors that has helped MPD proactively reaches out to the key suspects. Ald. Murphy asked are the carjacking prosecuted as carjacking under state statue or is it prosecuted under a different statue as it relates to armed robbery. Asst. Chief Brunson said that carjacking is a subset of armed robbery, but resently MPD started tracking it differently, internally. Ms. Himle said that Cook Co. is using probation restorative justice circles. she will share with the group. Ald. Murphy asked ADA, MPD, Co Sheriff and Muni Court to provide to the group a list of existing programs that are being currently in used that is being effective. David Gelting - F&PC offered a suggestion of using the sanction of booting a car as a deterrant for youth. as opposed to moving citations.
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     5. Task Assignments.

Minutes note: red light cameras for next meeting.
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     6. Set next Meeting.     Not available
     7. Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM     Not available
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