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Meeting date/time: 4/8/2019 10:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Halll, Room 301-B
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
Meeting video:  
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   1. Review and approval of the minutes of the January 15th and February 25th meetings.

Minutes note: Meeting convened: 10:06 A.M. Members present: Ald. Robert Bauman, Antonio Perez, Maria Prioletta, Jim Klajbor present for Spencer Coggs, and Mario Higgins Members excused: Ald. Russell Stamper and Ald. Khalif Rainey Mr. Klajbor moved, seconded by Mr. Perez, for approval of both minutes. There were no objections.
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   2. Communication from the Department of City Development on Housing Infrastructure Preservation Fund Activities.

Minutes note: This was held until the next meeting.
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   3. Communication from the Department of City Development on the Lease-to-Own Program.

Minutes note: Debra McCollum-Gathing, Dept. of City Development, present on behalf of Rhonda Szalli. The report is in the file (181452) and there were no questions.
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   4. Communication from the Department of City Development relating to the Rehabilitation to Rent Program.

Minutes note: Ms. Amy Turim, Dept. of City Development, said there is no substantial change since the last meeting, except the city did receive a $45,000 disbursement check (rent proceeds).
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   5. Communication from the Department of City Development on the Strong Home Loan Program.

Minutes note: Aaron Helt, on behalf of Larry Kilmer, said that the Dept. of City Development attended 14 comminity events so far and have approved 18 loans. There are currently 84 loans in process. They leveraged just under $88,000 and have 5 applications in process.
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   6. Communication from the Mayor's Office, Department of City Development, and the City Attorney's Office relating to activities, revenue and expenditures of the Strong Neighborhoods Plan.

Minutes note: NIck Sinram, Budget and Management Division, said about 36% of 2019 funds have been spent so far and everything is running smoothly and on track.
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   7.  Communication from the Department of Neighborhood Services relating to the Compliance Loan Program.

Minutes note: Steph O'Connor, Dept. of Neighborhood Services, said 2 projects have been completed so far and $422,000 allocated for this year.
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   8. Communication from the Department of Neighborhood Services relating to demolition and deconstruction.

Minutes note: Mr. Tom Mishefske provided a handout (attached to file 181452) which will also be presented at tomorrow's Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee meeting. In 2019 the department got $2.75 million in funding and carried over $300,000 from 2018, so they broke out how they intend to expend the $3.1 million total. Some demolitions will be done by the Dept. of Public Works and some by community vendors. They will begin deconstructions in the next month or two, done by Spencer Renovations. The contracts are bundled by geographic area to both maximize efficiency as well as concentrate in specific neighborhoods to give them relief. There is no signed contract yet with Spencer Renovations, but that is anticpated to be done within the next couple of weeks. CDBG funds were used to raze properties in 2016/17 and some funds had to be reimbursed to CDBG. There are 13 properties that would be demolished with these funds. DPW is ready to demolish. The department will have a better handle on the actual finances once they get the actual bills from the demolitions. It is anticipated that 117 properties will be demolished.
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   9. Communication from the City Attorney's Office relating to legal proceedings against landlords with nuisance properties.

Minutes note: City Attorney Heather Hough said the Choudry case is now on appeal; there is a hearing on the Rashid case on the sale of a number of properties in the portfolio. There is also the Crosby case in district four. Per Ald. Bauman, these two properties are a continual problem for neighbors.
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   10. Communication from the Police Dept. and Dept. of Neighborhood Services relating to the designating and billing of nuisance property charges.

Minutes note: Ald. Bauman said that the genesis of this file is s. 80-10, Milw. Code of Ordinances process, which can result in the billing of police services. He would like an update of the process. Nick DeSiato - MPD Chief of Staff Inspector Heier - oversees the patrol. Mr. DeSiato said they are at about $5,000 for this year, with about $15,000 billed last year. Last year they had billed 7 properties. They are on pace to bill about 30 properties this year. If there are more than 3 calls to the property, then billing begins. The average forfeiture is $3,200. There were 4 citations, but they may turn into negotiations. A lot of the process is informal and meeting with the property owners. The police department sends out 110-130 nuisance letters per year. A nuisance designation lasts for one year while a chronic nuisance designation lasts for two years. Four properties were designated as chronic nuisances in the past 3 years. The two Crosby properties are being monitored as the owner is revising his plan and the calls for service have dropped significantly in the past few months. ACA Hough said that district 2 does alert all officers during roll call to the problem properties in the district. Ald. Bauman mentioned a new homeowner at 2813 W. Kilbourn Ave. who has a problem apartment right next to them. The residents are dumping food and litter directly out of the windows. DNS would respond to these complaints and order them to clean up. ACA Hough noted that the activity has to be substantiated, meaning that the city has to observe the activity. Mr. DeSiato said the couple should be calling the police (non-emergency number). Mr. DeSiato will look into if the department is doing full cost-recovery of its services for nuisance properties.
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   11. Public Comment

Minutes note: No public comment.
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   12. Set next meeting date.

Minutes note: May 6th at 10 a.m.
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181452 013.CommunicationCommunication relating to the 2019 activities of the Joint Committee on the Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes.    Action details Not available