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Meeting date/time: 1/14/2019 3:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 301-B
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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161667 01.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a mothball certificate for 1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street, known as the Modjeska Theater, in the Mitchell Street Historic District for Modjeska Theater Project, LLC.

Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala said this is before the Commission again as the owner was getting ready to send out RFPs and wanted to be able to provide evidence that progress had been made. The mothball certificate has been in effect since 2016. Tom Vavra and John Kesselman - board members for the Modjeska Theater. Mr. Kesselman said a tenant who did $30,000 worth of work went bust. They have about 15 people who are interested in responding to an RFP, which is currently a draft and not final so not public yet. He did bring a few copies if HPC members wanted to look through it. It will go online on the 21st and be public then. Their goal isn't to own the property, but want the best operator for this site. Ald. Jose Perez - he would ask the commission to deny the mothball so action will occur at this site and he thinks they have had plenty of time to move forward. He doesn't object if this is held until the next meeting. Mr. Kesselman said the main cost is about $150,000 for required window work. They aren't trying to hold onto the building, but get a good owner in there. Ms. Keating Kahn moved to hold for a month and then schedule for Feb. 4th
HELD IN COMMITTEEPass5:0 Action details Not available
180975 02.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for demolishing and reconstructing the Lake Park rustic wooden bridge at 3233 E. Kenwood Boulevard (Lake Park), in the North Point North Historic District for Milwaukee County and Lake Park Friends.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that the application was filed by the Parks Director and this matter was discussed preliminarily a few cycles ago and the proposal is to demolish one bridge, which may have been built in the 1930s and reconstructed in the 1970s. There are about 12 rustic bridges in the park and this one is in a condemnable state, per the county. The bridge has been closed to the public since 2016. It serves as part of the original circulation pattern in the park. Sarah Tousson - Milwaukee County Parks - requesting permission to demolish the bridge and will come before the Commission for the replacement bridge. Jennifer Meyer - Public Works Committee for the Lake Park Friends (LPF) - the fundraising efforts have improved and they are confident they have or will get the funding. They are going to get design submittals and then will work on construction. Ms. Peltz would like to have a signed contract between both parties (county parks and Lake Park Friends). LPF will provide copies of any documents between the two parties. Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown would not like to approve any demolition prior to knowing what is going to be constructed. Both the Parks Dept. and LPF are concerned about the safety of people who illegally trespass on the bridge as well as its location close to a playground and debris falling from the bridge. LPF is amenable to saving any wood that might be salvagable. The demolition is allowed, but new construction will need to be approved by the Commission.
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181173 03.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for window replacement and general rehabilitation at 2803 E. Bradford Avenue, in the North Point North Historic District, for Lisa Groskopf-Gleason.

Minutes note: All requested work was approved last cycle and Ms. Hatala and Mr. Askin toured the house and agree with the applicant that the windows cannot be salvaged and are oddly constructed and are from different eras. The windows are a mishmash and they are not convinced the majority of the windows are original. Staff recommends approval with one suggestion of 6 over 1 for the dormer windows.
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181146 04.ResolutionResolution relating to the Permanent Historic Designation of Washington Park at 4301 West Lloyd Street in the 15th Ald. District.

Minutes note: Ms. Hatala had given a presentation on the history of the park at the December meeting, a public hearing was held and the Urban Ecology Center requested a postponement of the actual vote to discuss if they felt comfortable with the designation. Ms. Hatala met with Urban Ecology staff and the nominator and the conclusion is they would like to work collectively to make the guidelines clearer. The consensus appears to be to work more on this between staff, the Center and the nominator. All parties are amenable to holding this.
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180798 05.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the erection of a new nine-story [amended to an eleven-story on 12/19] commercial building at 511 N. Broadway (Parcel 3920656000), in the East Side Commercial Historic District, for J. Jeffers & Co.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said this was before the Commission before, but is back with a change of materials and number of floors. The current project is 11 stories, from 9, for an additional height of 10 feet (the floor heights were lowered). Floors 1-5 will be parking with no car shadows visible from any public view. The upper floors will be offices. The concerns of the Commission from October have been addressed (more cohesion on the west wall, precast slab on an alley elevation, picked stone approved by the Commission, no HVAC penentrations on the front-facing facades, etc). The height will be 129 feet. Staff thinks the height pushes the outer limits of acceptability and the corner section has the apperance of a separate building. Staff would like the base level to be the matching granite. Mr. Askin feels a 10-story building would be adequate. Mr. Jarosz feels the massing is okay and follows the Third Ward massing guidelines. Mr. Jeffers said that half of the tenants will be a law firm. One additional floor is for office space and one for parking. Mr. Jarosz would like to see more street activation and a presentation in the future in regards to the lighting and the materials. Mr. Jeffers said they do want to do a fair amount of streetscaping, although many of the streets have hollow vaults under them and they cannot support street trees. Approve with conditions set by staff relating to the granite base, and future updates on lighting, signage and street activation.
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181247 06.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of railings along the front paths at 2210 - 2212 N. Lake Drive, in the North Point South Historic District, for Jagpal Waraich.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that three railings in front were installed without a certificate. Mr. Jarosz moved to deny.
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180407 07.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for replacement of windows and for mothball status at 1688 - 1690 N. Franklin Place in the Brady Street Historic District for Iliya Torbica of Shepards LLC.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that as of September the owner has begun substantial work on the windows and the work is being done in an appropriate manner. Staff recommends a standard six month extension.
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181432 08.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for new signage at 618 N. Water Street in the East Side Commercial District Historic District Elmnt Lounge and Toon City, Inc.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that there is a proposal for a new sign and staff has asked for more information. The background will be plywood with a pattern on it. The applicant is leasing the first floor and is not the building owner. It will be operated as a lounge/sports bar and the first floor windows are clear, not tinted. Mr. Jarosz moved, contingent on staff review. Mr. Askin would like feedback from the Commission on the background pattern of the sign.
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181434 09.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a projecting sign at 1044 N. Old World 3rd Street in the Old World 3rd Street District Historic District for Jake Dehne of RWB.

Minutes note: Mr. Tim Askin said that there is now a proposed wall sign and a projecting sign. The sign is round and internally lit. They are proposing a transom window above the door and a two-sided projecting sign to the side of the door. If the blue section were a hard acrylic, that would be approvable for one of the signs, but not both; staff is more inclined to approve the blue as part of the transom sign and with the condition it be opaque. Staff recommends denial of the projecting sign. Rob Culp - National Sign and Design - the grid pattern kind-of matches Usinger's gates, which has no glass. The building did originally have a transom window. Grant transom sign with an opaque blue and deny the projecting sign.
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     The following files represent staff approved Certificates of Appropriateness:    Not available
181206 010.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for roof repairs on the church and work on window wells on the church and the caretaker’s house at 804 - 816 W. Vliet Street, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Complex, an individually designated property, for St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
181338 011.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of three new awnings at 801-809 N. Cass Street in the Cass Wells Historic District for Buckley’s Restaurant and Bar LLC.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
181339 012.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of signs for the business TRIO at 1025 North Old World Third Street in the Old World Third Street Historic District for Evolution Real Estate LLC.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
180815 013.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for storefront alterations at 2632 N. Downer Avenue, in the Downer Avenue Historic District, for Alben LLC dba Breadsmith.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
181412 014.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new Mad Over Vape sign at 1229 East Brady Street in the Brady Street Historic District for 1231 Brady LLC.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
181441 015.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of HVAC equipment at 217 - 219 S. 2nd Street in the South 2nd Street Historic District for Lloyd Parks.ADOPTEDPass5:0 Action details Not available
   16. Review and approval of the minutes from the December 3rd meeting.

Minutes note: Ms. Peltz moved, seconded by Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown, for approval of the minutes. There were no objections.
    Not available
   17. Election of a vice chair.

Minutes note: Mr. Jarosz moved to hold to the next meeting.
    Not available
   18. Review and approval of the 2018 annual report.

Minutes note: Ms. Peltz moved, seconded by Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown, for approval of the 2108 annual report. There were no objections.
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   19. Updates and announcements.

Minutes note: Ms. Carlen Hatala encouraged members to think of nominations for the Cream of the Cream City award. Ms. Hatala will send members the application form.
    Not available