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Meeting date/time: 12/13/2018 10:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 303, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video:  
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   1. Call to order.

Minutes note: Meeting called to order at 10 a.m.
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   2. Roll call.

Minutes note: Present 9 - Islo, Owczarski, Klajbor, Kovac, Watt, Wilichowski, Sawa, Olson, Pinger Excused 2 - Meyer Stearns, Rohlfing
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     Individuals also present:

Minutes note: Atty. Peter Block, City Attorney's Office Bradley Houston, City Records Center Kelly Reid, Employee's Retirement System
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   3. Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes from September 20, 2018.

Minutes note: Member Klajbor moved approval of the meeting minutes from September 20, 2018. There was no objection.
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   4. Records retention.

Minutes note: a. Proposed departmental record schedules for approval Mr. Houston gave an overview. There are 37 renewal and 62 closing schedules for review. All schedules came from departments for digitalization purposes. With the pulling of files from Granicus into e-vault, the Common Council schedules are being renewed. There are schedules for the e-vault copy, paper copy, and microfilm. There is a schedule for a paper copy of signature pages on a permanent basis, and perhaps there can be e-signature solution in the future. Most of the labor relations schedules are renewals with changes to reflect digitalization. The schedule number for item 7 should be corrected from 18-0067 to 18-0065. The health lab schedules are for digitalizing different series that are being kept for legal reasons. Item 33 is a proxy schedule with a retention period of 120 days after digitalization for quality control purposes. Remaining schedules involve being superseded or closed. Member Klajbor moved approval with the correction that the schedule number for item 7 be 18-0065 instead of 18-0067. There was no objection. b. State Records Board approval of previous schedules Mr. Houston said that all 22 schedules that were approved by the committee at its last meeting were approved by the State Records Board.
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   5. Open Data Portal progress report.

Minutes note: Vice-chair Olson gave an update. Data sets on the portal have doubled from 67 to 157. The most notable data set is the election results data. People were directed to the portal regarding election results. As a result, there was reduction in the number of records requests to the Election Commission. The five most popular datasets are crime, property, traffic accidents, November voter turnout, and food establishment grades. The total number of portal users since going live is 3,360. API data requests is at 35,000 hits, which indicate that people are utilizing that new functionality. All datasets are maintained via the UTL process, which does automated electronic updates according to an appropriate schedule for a dataset.
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   6. Communication on Text Archiving Pilot.

Minutes note: Vice-chair Olson gave an overview. The pilot program is for archiving text messages only. The program began with cabinet members with City-issued cellphones and will extend to elected officials soon. A surprising observation is that only 7 cabinet members hold a City-issued cellphone. ITMD is testing a Verizon product called One Talk app to allow a new separate phone number that can be used for business purposes on a personal cellphone, and the text messages on that phone line will be archived. Participants inquired about tracking iMessage texts, use of personal phones for business, and directing record requests to phone providers. Vice-chair Olson replied. iMessage should be turned off. There are three options: using the work number via the One Talk app, archiving every text data from personal phones, or having people use two phones (business vs. personal). Costs and applicability to departments have not been determined yet. There would be a $10 per month Smarsh license cost for each phone number. Work messages should be forwarded from personal phones to the work account. Phone providers can provide text data but do not want to deal with responding to record requests and do not keep records long. The City has the responsibility to store and provide records. Members and participants discussed the preference to not use personal devices for business use, which is subject to record requests. Mr. Houston commented. There should be a retention schedule for transitory records or at least email records. These records should not be kept permanently. Relevancy determination should be given to the custodian of these records. There should be the acquisition of a machine recognition tool for these records with some human intervention. There are invisible costs with keeping email records permanently. Email records could be transferred somewhere else. Member Klajbor concurred and stated that electronic records should be treated the same as paper records. Members discussed that email records have to be kept permanently due to state law, people cannot be depended upon when determining the relevancy of email records and would make errors, there is no current cost and storage issue with keeping emails, redaction and time spent on searching emails are issues, and perhaps a retention schedule for text records can be proposed for state passage. Chair Kovac directed that Mr. Houston submit to the committee a memorandum on the invisible costs of keeping email records permanently.
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   7. Discussion on 2019 Budget footnotes.

Minutes note: Vice-chair Olson commented on two budget amendments affecting ITMD. The first amendment called for a social media branding strategy and plan. In response, there will be a small team of designers to include the Milwaukee Public Library, City Clerk’s Office, the Environmental Collaboration Office, and the Mayor’s Office. The second amendment called for reducing the City’s dependency on proprietary technology. The issue came from the high amount of contract waiver files coming before the Finance and Personnel Committee regarding proprietary technology and software. Further clarification is needed on the second budget amendment request before coming back to the committee for further discussion and making a presentation to the Finance and Personnel Committee within the next 90 days. Commercial off-the-shelf software will be explored. Members commented that departments may not be able to develop its own technology, the term proprietary needs further clarification, and that there would be liability issues with in-house technology. Vice-chair Olson stated that she will do some reaching out and draft a plan.
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   8. Review and approval of the 2019 meeting schedule.

Minutes note: Member Islo moved approval of the 2019 CIMC meeting schedule with the correction that the listed dates be 2019 instead of 2018. There was no objection.
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   9. Agenda items for the next meeting.

Minutes note: Vice-chair Olson said an agenda item should be the Municipal Court disaster recovery audit.
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   10. Next meeting date and time.

Minutes note: Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 10 a.m.
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   11. Placing on file the following meeting material container files as no longer needed:    Not available
171691 0a.CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its March 15, 2018 meeting.PLACED ON FILEPass9:0 Action details Not available
180252 0b.CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its June 14, 2018 meeting.PLACED ON FILEPass9:0 Action details Not available
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181323 0d.CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its December 13, 2018 meeting.PLACED ON FILEPass9:0 Action details Not available
   12. Adjournment.

Minutes note: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. Chris Lee, Staff Assistant Council Records Section City Clerk's Office
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     Materials for this meeting can be found within the following file:    Not available
181323 0 CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its December 13, 2018 meeting.    Action details Not available