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Meeting Name: BRONZEVILLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 4/19/2017 9:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 301-B, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video:  
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   1. Call to order.

Minutes note: Meeting called to order at 9:08 a.m.
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   2. Roll call.    Roll call Not available
   3. Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes from March 23, 2017.

Minutes note: Member Crump moved approval, seconded by member Garrison, of the meeting minutes from April 19, 2017. There were no objections from those members present.
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   4. Discussion on RFP review process

Minutes note: a. BAC review procedure outline Individuals appearing: Amy Turim, Department of City Development (DCD) Real Estate Matt Haessly, DCD Real Estate Atty. Gregg Hagopian, City Attorney’s Office Akuwa Dantzler, 6th Aldermanic District Ald. Milele Coggs, 6th Aldermanic District Chairman Hollmon commented. A couple of drafts were reviewed at the previous meeting. The BAC process procedure draft before members today encompasses the suggestions from members, DCD staff, and Ald. Milele Coggs. The new draft addresses a clear, concise process without delaying the RFP process. The process procedure should be a living document in partnership with DCD. Ms. Turim concurred and said that the new draft is inclusive of the local business improvement district (BID) formally as a participant in the review process. Footnotes were inserted with regards to defining market area and development property per the City ordinance. DCD staff is open to modifications of the new draft. Member Clifton questioned the definition of development property and said that it should be modified to include other non-commercial special projects that the committee has and will consider, such as a project with multiple residential properties. Examples are artist housing in Bronzeville and HACM rear rental rehabilitation program. Ms. Turim replied. RFPs are not issued for single family buildings on a block, and most RFPs are issued for developmental property. HACM projects are handled through NIDC, which involves a different process reviewed by external parties outside the City for which she is not involved with. BAC may weigh in on new construction properties with multiple single family housing. A vacant residential lot that is suitable for 3 or more housing units are considered developmental property. She will have to look into classification of neighborhood property with her administration. Vice-chair Manuel commented. The overall artist housing program component, not specifically the houses, will be brought before the committee for updating and committee recommendations once it has been formed and is ready. Atty. Hagopian added that he will be working with Vice-chair Manuel on the artist housing program and other cities have done artist housing. Member Clifton said he is comfortable with special project programs being brought before the committee, such as with the forthcoming artist housing program. Ms. Dantzler said that Ald. Coggs was planning to be present, has reviewed the newest draft, and did not communicate to her any feedback on the new draft. Member Crump moved approval of the BAC RFP review procedure process draft, as presented, with the condition that it be a living document that can be modified accordingly, as needed. Member Garrison seconded. There were no objections from those members present. Ald. Coggs appeared and commented. The draft before the committee is a good start but should be a living document. The local BID boundaries and district boundaries do not completely overlap, and the committee’s review of projects outside of the BID boundaries would be overreaching. The frontend review needs to be tempered. BAC should not limit itself and needs to offer its own unique perspective. The internal review process can only work in tandem with an internal committee judgement policy, one with baseline criteria at a minimum.
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   5. Update on RFPs, listings, projects, or activities.

Minutes note: a. Historic Garfield School Redevelopment Project Vice-chair Manual said that the developer could not appear and the update on this project should be rescheduled for the next meeting. Chairman Hollmon said that he attended a groundbreaking event ceremony for the project on April 4th and the project will be catalytic for the district. b. Welford Sanders Historic Lofts Individuals appearing: Ben Johnson, Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation (MLKEDC) Leo Ries, Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation (MLKEDC) Mr. Johnson commented. The project has taken place for the last several years, and financing is in place. Additional financing is being sought to enhance the project further. Taking place currently is the deconstruction phase of taking the building apart to rehabilitate it. The first phase entails relocating existing commercial tenants during the spring to the remainder part of the building in order to renovate the tenant’s original spaces and bring them back to those spaces. The housing units will then be renovated subsequently. Mr. Ries commented. The project fits with other MLKEDC-owned and managed buildings in the neighborhood. There was a job fair held on April 5th that resulted in good participation with about 40 job seekers. The commercial portion rehabilitation is anticipated to be completed by the end of June followed by a celebratory kickoff event prior to the residential portion being done. Neighborhood stakeholders will be invited to the event. Fundraising is being done to create a statute to memorialize Welford Sanders and finance the kickoff event. They are in the process of identifying a sculpture. A large part of the building will be maintained as office spaces with almost all the spaces leased up, many from existing tenants. The residential portion is anticipated to take 12-16 months. The full project is anticipated to be completed by summer or fall of 2018. Members are invited to a quarterly gallery night program that will have member Fidel Verdin as a feature artist. Members questioned fundraising, displacement of tenants, and low-income housing units. Mr. Ries and Johnson replied. Fundraising is on target. Workforce goals are being met. Their tenant relocation and graduation policy is not being exercised. Offices are being reconstructed to the design of future tenants. Tenants are excited. Offices will have sandblasted wood, exposed brick, and hardwood floors. There are 59 housing units available, and leasing will occur before the work is finished. Rendering of housing units will be available later in the year. The property management team will be Team Management, who already manages their other residential unit buildings. The housing units are all affordable housing units. Chairman Hollmon said for Mr. Johnson and Ries to forward information about the kickoff event to clerk staff to forward to committee members. c. Community Warehouse Individuals appearing: Nick Ringger, Community Warehouse CEO Deshea Agee, Historic MLK BID Mr. Ringger commented. BOZA approval for a 10-year special use was recently obtained to continue the build out process of the old Value Village building located at 324 W. North Avenue. Efforts are being made to make the building more accessible, ADA complaint including restrooms, expand 1000 square feet of greenspace landscape, enhance the exterior, install a mural on the building, and employing people from the area. Members inquired about construction and permanent employment opportunities, project timeline, and parking. Ms. Garrison said that there is a sign on the North Avenue on the site that does not allow parking during a certain part of the day. Mr. Ringger replied. His agency is hiring background challenged residents from disadvantaged areas. The agency has found contractors to hire these skilled workers who have come up through the organization and is gathering subcontractors from disadvantaged areas. There is the plan to employ 8 to 12 residents from the neighborhood once the place is operating. Project target end date is anticipated for July 2017. There are about 30 to 35 existing on-site parking spaces that will be resurfaced, repaired, and relined. He is not familiar with the no-parking sign. Mr. Agee commented. There have been conversations with Mr. Ringger. There is a sense of care and neighborhood contribution with the project through the community workforce piece. The vision, plan, and renderings seem consistent with other buildings in the area. A positive is the installation of landscaping. The no parking sign is probably from a prior business, may be removed, and will be looked into further. The entrance side of the building will be on 4th Street and not on North Avenue. Chairman Hollmon said that an update on overall parking in the district may need to be a future meeting agenda item. Member Crump said that the committee should be allowed to make recommendations prior to BOZA hearings. Vice-chair Manual added comments. Mr. Ringger has met and complied with requests made by planning staff regarding parking and building layout. BAC recommendations can happen prior to BOZA hearings through the RFP review process. Chairman Hollmon invited Mr. Ringger to come back to give periodic updates to the committee. d. National League of Cities Bronzeville Tour Individuals appearing: Kenneth Little, DCD Commercial Corridor Deshea Agee, Historic MLK BID Mr. Little gave an overview. The City via DCD is part of a first year Equitable Economic Development Fellowship program from the NLC Urban Land Institute and Policy Link. Milwaukee is one of 6 cities: Boston, Memphis, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and Houston. The program involves each city touring each other giving each other peer technical assistance and feedback on each other’s proposed project under the program to implement equitable economic development activities for disadvantaged areas that do not historically see development. Milwaukee’s project is the ACRE sites in Bronzeville. Milwaukee held its tours, had stakeholder meetings, and a viewing of an ACRE class session. The City will conclude with a luncheon feedback session later this afternoon from peers. The City’s first tour was through Lindsay Heights last Monday and then through the Bronzeville district on MLK Drive starting at Concordia Avenue at the Bader Philanthropies project site. A majority of sites looked at on the tours were all city-owned foreclosed sites under ACRE projects based on activating disinvested sites through a class of developers from within those communities. Other sites toured were the MLK library project, MLKEDC developments, Welford Sanders Loft, 5th Street School project, Pete’s Market, and the Historic Garfield School/Rio projects. The tours were followed by stakeholder sessions with the peer advisory team. A peer feedback presentation will be given at the luncheon today. There has been a lot interest and synergy from the stakeholder and technical advisory team. No other city has a project like the one through ACRE. Mr. Agee added remarks. The Bronzeville tour was insightful to the peer advisory team, who were asking many questions about the neighborhood. He was part of the tour and was able to highlight unique efforts such as Growing Power, food vendors, tool rental, and Welford Sanders Lofts. Perhaps DCD staff can come back to the committee to report on the upcoming feedback session from the luncheon. Mr. Little gave final remarks. Equitable development is about spreading out development and eliminating barriers to areas that historically have not seen development. His team tried to show areas where the City had to play a role and put in TIFF money into those projects. Other cities are learning from the City. The fellowship ends June 20th when all cities make their final presentations in Washington D.C. The peer team will make a valuable presentation at the luncheon. His view is that Milwaukee’s project has been the best. e. King’s Fresh Market Individuals appearing: Tamora Martin, King’s Fresh Market Kenneth Little, DCD Commercial Corridor Deshea Agee, Historic MLK BID Ms. Martin gave a brief update. The project is gaining momentum with the assembly of a team of an architect and general contractor. Some cleaning has been done on the property, such as mold remediation. Current efforts are to finalize plans with the architect, enlist a HVAC contractor, and do kitchen design. A project timeline will be created and brought before the committee in the near future. Chairman Hollmon commented. The project had some changes in its schedule and did not go according to original plans, which happens commonly. The project originally anticipated completion by the first part of this year. There is no definitive time schedule. Ms. Martin should come back to give the committee a realistic timeframe in a few months. Chairman Hollmon questioned commitment of funds. Ms. Martin replied. There are personal funds. She will work with DCD Commercial Corridor staff to acquire additional funding. There is incentive to complete the project as soon as possible due to expenses and bills accumulating with the site. Mr. Little added that it is important for this project to work towards acquiring reserved commercial foreclosed funds due to much interest in these funds. Mr. Agee commented. He has had conversations with Ms. Martin on project timeline and creative ways to increase revenue. The BID is excited about the project. Ms. Martin is aware about Pete’s Fruit Market and wants to successfully complement that business. f. Pete’s Fruit Market Individuals appearing: Kalan Haywood, Sr., Vangard Group LLC Ald. Milele Coggs, 6th Aldermanic District Deshea Agee, Historic MLK BID Mr. Haywood, Sr. commented. The project started last year in April with the demolition of the former Brooks Plaza. The project process has been smooth, pushed by the community, and supported by the alderwoman and DCD. JCP Construction has been an excellent part of the project team. Pete’s Fruit Market was courted numerous times to be the retailer. The grand opening is about 3 to 4 weeks away. The new grocer at this site will bring whole foods and hope for the community, which were desired. Members inquired about advertisement at the site that the grand opening was April 3rd and parking. Mr. Haywood, Sr., replied. There were a few setbacks due to winter and lack of construction materials. Ald. Coggs directed that the project not be rushed, done right, and shore up a few things. Half of the plaza building was demolished and added to the parking onsite. The Walgreens footprint is the grocery store. Everything north up to the Asian restaurant is parking with about 80 ample spaces. Parking will be lit, visible, and safe for customers. There is some parking in the rear. Mr. Haywood, Sr., added comments about workforce. There was no mandate to hire workforce from the community, but his team was proudly able to achieve about 70 percent minority local participation from the neighborhood. There is community participation, vestment, and a sense of ownership in the project. Residents care about the building and there has been no vandalism there. The new grocer is apprehensive for success at the new location. The project is a true win for the community and a testament to not give up. Ald. Coggs commented. The project is not a regular community deal. The project originated with conversations between herself and Mr. Haywood, Sr. about possibilities for the site. She is thankful for hiring from the community on the development and end-use portions. Three job outreach sessions were done with two being for business operations. A couple hundred people applied with the majority of applicants being from within 6 blocks of the site. She looks forward to the opening and the store being embraced by residents. DCD staff, Mr. Haywood, Sr., and DCD staff met with the retailer many times to entice them to the new site. Member Garrison said that she has a neighbor employed by the grocer who will transfer from the south side grocer location to the new one once it opens. Mr. Agee said that there is exposure and excitement for the new grocer. There has been a radio interview and written pieces done. He encounters this site as being one with the most calls that he receives. The new grocer will change that street corner. Chairman Hollmon added final remarks. The project is an example of team effort, was championed by Ald. Coggs, and a commitment to the community. Information about the grand opening should be given to clerk staff to forward to committee members to attend. g. Other There was no other discussion under this item.
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   6. Announcements.

Minutes note: Mr. Jamani Chittum appeared and announced the passing of Arthur Malone of Malone’s Plumbing. Mr. Malone was the first African American master plumber for the City and served Bronzeville for 40 years. Funeral service will be held at Schaff Funeral Home located at 5920 W. Lincoln Ave., West Allis on April 28, 2017 from 1 to 3 p.m. Chairman Hollmon said that information regarding the funeral service should be given to clerk staff to forward to committee members.
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   7. Agenda items for the next meeting.

Minutes note: Chairman Hollmon suggested the following agenda items: •Historic Garfield School redevelopment project update (defer to Vice-chair Manual) •BAC internal evaluation procedure discussion (members Montgomery Baker and Clifton to work on an evaluation procedure draft) •Update on 2370 N MLK Dr. - former Ja’Stacy restaurant (defer to Vice-chair Manual) •Parking study update (defer to Vice-chair Manual and DCD) Vice-chair Manual suggested the following agenda items: •Artist housing program update (if ready) Vice-chair Manual added comments. Activities for the project at the former Ja’Stacy restaurant include finalizing plans for the building, hiring of an architect, and assessment of the exterior and interior of the building. The liquor license was granted for the site. Member Garrison said that she saw men taking measurements outside of the former restaurant yesterday. Member Crump suggested the following agenda items: •NLC Bronzeville Tour and Equitable Economic Development Fellowship update (relative to luncheon feedback session)
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   8. Set next meeting date and time.

Minutes note: Wednesday, May 10 or Thursday, May 11, 2017 based on availability of a majority of members attending.
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   9. Adjournment.

Minutes note: Meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m. Chris Lee, Staff Assistant Council Records Section City Clerk's Office
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