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Meeting Name: SISTER CITIES COMMITTEE Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 3/2/2017 1:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 301-B, Third Floor, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video:  
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     Meeting convened at 1:07 p.m.

Minutes note: Present 4 - Stamper, Durtka, Barta, Tovar Excused 1 - Vang
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   1. Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes from September 21, 2016.

Minutes note: Member Durtka moved approval, seconded by member Tovar, of the meeting minutes from September 21, 2016. There were no objections. Member Vang excused.
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   2. Discussion relating to establishing a sister city relationship with Lublin, Poland.

Minutes note: -Withdrawal of application Individuals appearing: Atty. Joanna Fraczek, City Attorney’s Office Ald. Mark Borkowski, 11th Aldermanic District Atty. Fraczek said that the request is to withdraw the application due to the lack of solid sponsorship support. The application should not linger in limbo. If solid support can be acquired, the initiative to establish a sister city relationship can be reintroduced. Gratitude is expressed for the committee's consideration. Ald. Stamper said that the committee still wants to be invited to Polish events and perhaps Ald. Borkowski can assist with the initiative going forward. Ald. Borkowski said he was present in support of Atty. Fraczek and the withdrawal. Member Durtka moved acceptance of the withdrawal of the application to establish a sister city relationship with Lublin, Poland. There were no objections. Member Vang excused.
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   3. Discussion relating to establishing a sister city relationship with Daegu, South Korea.

Minutes note: -Review of application Individuals appearing: Elizabeth Hittman, Environmental Collaboration Office Amy Jensen, The Water Council Ald. Stamper questioned the mutual benefits, water industry in Daegu, and vision for collaboration. Ms. Jensen replied. The relationship with Daegu and Milwaukee has been developing over the last several years through The Water Council. The mutual interest is to exchange ideas on water technology and solutions. The City of Daegu is in the process of developing a water technology complex there similar to the water complex in Milwaukee. Daegu has initiated the exchange and have attended the council’s water summits the last several years. Representatives from the council have also traveled to Daegu to attend its water summit there. The water industry in Daegu is funded and set up by its government as opposed to the mix of private and public interests that structures The Water Council. Another goal of Daegu is to gain understanding of creating private sector companies in its water industry. The council and Milwaukee should want to be at the forefront for anything water tech related. The council has partners with many other countries, and a sister city relationship with Daegu would be key to adding Daegu as an important partner. The council has launched a new initiative to develop and adopt new water technologies to provide solutions for water quality and quantity globally. Other countries should adopt these technologies to help not only local businesses in Milwaukee but also areas in need of these solutions. Ald. Stamper further inquired about generating revenue for Milwaukee with its water industry, other top countries in water industry, and local sponsorship on the Daegu side. Member Tovar asked about the council’s annual water summit. Ms. Jensen responded. A combination of activities has and will generate revenue for the City. The council promotes start-up entrepreneurs with water tech solutions. There is state funding for six companies through the council. There are over 150 water tech companies locally. A main goal of the council is to strengthen local water companies and attract new and foreign companies to establish businesses in Milwaukee. The placement of the ZURN headquarters in the City is an example. Having a global water center in the City has help lead to development in the Fifth Ward. The Water Summit, named “Water Leaders Summit, will occur May 23 and 24, 2017 in its 10th year. The summit averages 300 attendees from member companies nationally and abroad. The summit serves to bring networking and connection amongst companies and promote Milwaukee’s offerings. This year’s summit is focused on water security and issues of protecting water from potential external threats. Registration is open online to anyone who is interested in water issues. Ms. Hittman commented. The other top countries in the water industry are the Netherlands, Israel, France, and South Korea. Daegu is among those who have registered to attend the summit and has been a member with the council for a number of years. The main connection in Daegu is the mayor and his office. There is a NGO sponsor in Daegu. Both mayors have met each other. Mayor Barrett is invited to visit Daegu this September. Member Durtka questioned other areas of exchange that are planned or have been arranged other than water. Ms. Hittman replied. In the works is the launching of Mayor Barrett’s Water Centric Cities initiative. The first step is to make Milwaukee a visible water city. Phase 2 is to reach other countries globally. The initiative can be holistic of other aspects, such as the effect of water on global health. Ms. Jensen added that although the focus is on water, they are more than willing to make connections outside of water. Member Barta said that she liked the community engagement piece and believed that the water centric initiative would pull other elements together. Member Barta moved approval of the application submitted by The Water Council to establish a sister city relationship with Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea. There were no objections. Member Vang excused. Ald. Stamper made further remarks. The matter, via resolution, will go before the Common Council for adoption and the mayor for his signature. Agreements will be drafted, and the committee will review the agreement drafts. The process will conclude with a signing ceremony with both mayors present to sign the agreements. The location of the ceremony is to be determined. Perhaps the ceremony can occur this May during the water summit when the mayor of Daegu is in Milwaukee. Ms. Hittman said that the mayor of Daegu will be in Chicago for a water event this September, which is another possible ceremonial date. -Review of draft resolution (CCFN 160733) Member Durtka moved approval of draft resolution, CCFN 160733, establishing a sister city relationship with Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea. There were no objections. Member Vang excused.
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   4. Discussion relating to the sister city relationship with Morogoro, Tanzania.

Minutes note: -Review of relationship status Mr. Lee said that, as housekeeping measure, the relationship with Morogoro, Tanzania should be terminated. The relationship has been expired and inactive for a number of years with no local support and sponsorship. A new, active relationship with Tarime District, Tanzania has been established. Mr. Durtka said that the relationship with Morogoro was focused on medical exchange of equipment and fire trucks to Morogoro. The relationship fell into disarray with leadership changes in Morogoro and local support in Milwaukee. The termination does not affect the relationship with Tarime District. Member Tovar moved termination of the sister city relationship with Morogoro, Tanzania. There were no objections. Mr. Vang excused. -Review of draft resolution (CCFN 161199) Member Durtka moved approval of draft resolution, CCFN 161199, terminating the sister city relationship with Morogoro, Tanzania. There were no objections. Mr. Vang excused.
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   5. Review of the Sister Cities Committee 2016 Annual Report.

Minutes note: Mr. Lee said that the report summarizes committee activities and accomplishments in 2016. There was the establishment of a new sister city relationship with Tarime District, Tanzania. There were discussions to establish relationships with Daegu, South Korea and Lublin, Poland. Another main activity is the continuing discussion on committee goals and improving the program. The report contains spreadsheets summarizing the status and history of the City’s sister city relationships. Members inquired about the activities and progress of some of the sister city relationships, such as the relationship with Medan, Indonesia. Ms. Leni Siker joined the committee and gave an update on the sister city relationship with Medan, Indonesia. She is working with the new Indonesian consul general in Chicago to develop a strategic plan to focus and identify areas of exchange. Areas identified so far are higher education exchanges with students and professors, establishing a B2B relationship, attracting US companies to help with the infrastructure in Indonesia, and learning more about public water. The desire is to have a trade delegation this October with Mayor Barrett, and she will work with member Tovar and Khay Khong from the WEDC. Indonesia has the fourth largest population and the fastest growing economy in the world. Medan has the third most population in Indonesia and is the wealthiest city in Indonesia. Areas of most potential are infrastructure such as tollways, hospitals, and exports such as coffee and rubber. Ms. Siker added comments. The City of La Crosse has a vibrant sister city program. She would like their contact information to consult with them on best practices. She wants to report back to the committee at the next quarterly meeting. There are plans to adequately arrange a sister city event and invite Mayor Barrett and city officials. Ald. Stamper made comments. He had met the new Indonesian consul general from Chicago in Milwaukee when the consul general was in town for an Indonesian dinner event two months ago. The committee will discuss later in meeting about attaching a position to the committee or program with the responsibilities of promoting, assisting, and connecting the City’s sister city relationships with other cities to make fruitful and productive relationships. Member Durtka added remarks. The Indonesian community was represented at the last Holiday Folk Fair. Community involvement should continue as part of the relationship with Medan. He has been in conversations with Ms. Siker and the consul general to increase the cultural and business aspects of the relationship in a larger fashion. The City of La Crosse has an active sister cities program with seven sister cities. Their program is structured differently and showcases their relationships to their community, such as the installations of a Chinese park and a Russian pavilion there. He is the state representative for Sister Cities International and is in contact with the program in La Crosse. Ald. Stamper said that some of the relationships need to report to the committee with further acitivy and progress. Member Tovar moved approval of the Sister Cities Committee 2016 annual report. There were no objections. Member Vang excused.
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   6. Discussion relating to standardizing sister city relationship annual reports.

Minutes note: Ald. Stamper said that a standardized report form for local sponsors to submit annuallly was requested by member Durtka. Mr. Lee said that the form is to be used by all local sponsors to adequately and consistently report activity and submit required information to the committee. The committee annual report is separate and different from this report form, which is meant for the local sponsors to submit concerning their particular sister city relationship. Much of the requested information is that required of a new application. Ms. Barta said that the form will help the committee to compare relationships and make the local sponsors understand the expectations of the committee. Member Durtka moved to amend the form to add a section requiring the name and contact of the person in charge on the sister city side. There were no objections. Member Vang excused. Member Tovar moved approval of the Sister City Annual Report Form, as amended. There were no objections. Member Vang excused.
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   7. Discussion on committee goals, purpose, and activites.

Minutes note: -Sister city programming Ald. Stamper inquired about improving the City’s sister city programming and relationships. Ms. Debra Lampe Revolinski, International Institute of Wisconsin, appeared and commented. She is here to understand committee activities, current projects, and to assist member Durtka. An area to improve is to increase public awareness of the City’s sister cities program and relationships. The program and relationships should be publicized through the media, such as through publications. She was unaware of the City’s multiple sister city relationships. Elizabeth, an intern in the Mayor’s Office, appeared and said that the City can benefit economically and culturally with its relationships. Ald. Stamper said that increasing public awareness has been a recommendation of the committee as well as supporting events from the City’s sister city relationships. Members concurred and said that social media, such as establishing a Facebook page, and websites are other avenues to bring public awareness. -Adding potential position and duties -Recommendations Ald. Stamper said that he has discussed with the city clerk to add capacity via a position within the Clerk’s Office to promote and operate the City’s sister cities program. Adding this capacity is key to achieve the goals of the committee and to assist the City’s sister city relationships. The initial idea is to assign sister city programming duties to a liaison position responsible for coordinating events for councilpersons. Members should discuss duties to assign to this position, including promotion. Member Durtka made remarks. The committee should think about the position strategically, plan, and have brainstorming sessions to come up with a series of recommendations on duties before the position is filled. The City has thus far been more of a recipient of the efforts of its sister city relationships rather than being proactive in assisting the relationships. Ald. Stamper said that the committee should revisit its meeting minutes from past meetings regarding past recommendations made and that the next committee meeting would be a brainstorming session to set goals and determine duties for the new position. Ms. Lampe Revolinski added that the committee should hold off on filling the new position until objectives have been defined. The new person should take the defined objectives and develop a marketing and communication plan to decide the best mediums for promotion of the program and relationships in consideration of different demographics. Member Barta commented. The committee should prioritize short and long term goals, look at the best impact for the City and relationships, and make clear what the expectations are for the new position. Duties should include relationship building, coordination, ongoing guidance, and assistance to prevent relationships from expiring or being inactive. The new position should help show the community the benefits of the program and the relationships. The program has potential, is improving in the right direction, and requires organization and standardization. Mr. Lee concurred and added that there needs to be a coordinator behind the program to operate the program and do the work. The position should be filled with someone with influence and connections to promote, market, do events, and check in on the various relationships on an ongoing basis. Ms. Lawanda Fletcher, Legislative Reference Bureau, concurred and added that perhaps there should be consideration to bring in an intern or management trainee initially for this new position. Member Durtka said that the committee should invite the heads of the sister cities committee or programs from Chicago and La Crosse, whom he is in contact with, to make presentations to the committee on their programs, structure, and activities. Chicago has 27 vibrant sister city relationships with major events and collaboration. Ald. Stamper directed that members Durtka and Tovar attempt to arrange for a meeting with the heads of the sister city programs from Chicago and La Crosse, as suggested, at a future committee meeting locally or offsite as appropriate.
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   8. Agenda items for the next meeting.

Minutes note: Next meeting is to be a brainstorming session on committee goals, duties of a new position, and ongoing recommendations. A regular meeting is to subsequently follow the brainstorming meeting.
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   9. Set next meeting date and time.

Minutes note: To be determined.
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     Meeting adjourned at 2:04 p.m. Chris Lee, Staff Assistant City Clerk's Office Council Records Section    Not available