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Meeting date/time: 4/10/2017 3:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 301-B
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Review and approval of the minutes from the March 13th meeting.

Minutes note: Ms. Clenden-Acosta moved, seconded by Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown, for approval of the minutes. There were no objections.
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161573 12.ResolutionSubstitute resolution relating to the permanent historic designation of the property at 807 N. 23rd Street, the Peter and Ida Frattinger House, in the 4th Aldermanic District.

Minutes note: Ms. Hatala said that the temporary designation was heard at the last meeting. This is the permanent designation as the owner had no concerns with the designation. They have been unable to determine the architect and the owners began taking in boarders in 1896. The house changed hands in 1916 and there was a succession of different owners who used the house as a rooming house. The current owners have owned it since 1988. It is hoped that the designation will prevent inappropriate remodeling. Meets 2 characteristics: e-5 (embodiment of a housing style) and e-9 (stand-out feature of a community) for historic designation.
RECOMMENDED FOR ADOPTION AND ASSIGNEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
140672 03.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a mothball certificate for portions of the Henry Palmer Lodge/Love Tabernacle, an individually designated structure at 2640 N. 1st Street.

Minutes note: Mr. Touissaint Harris present - the work is continuing specifically on the back wall and the next step will be work on the windows, the chimney, tuckpointing and the roof. The project is pretty much on target and the end is in sight. This file will be scheduled when the work is completed in six months.
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161664 04.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the demolition of an existing one-car garage and replacing it with a two-car garage at 2728 E. Bradford Avenue in the North Point North Historic District for Jodena Searl.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin said that the garage did not exist in 1910, but was in extistance in 1924. The applicant's garage designs are not yet complete, so the commission is only considering demolition. Staff recommends granting approval.
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161519 05.ResolutionResolution relating to the temporary historic designation of the State Theater Building at 2612-2616 W. State Street, in the 4th Aldermanic District.

Minutes note: Ms. Hatala said that a report was forwarded from the Dept. of Neighborhood Services, contained in the file (Sigma Report). The nominator has a PowerPoint he wishes to show the Commission. Ron Roberts - Dept. of Neighborhood Services - a major concern is the asbestos and a walk-through of the building was scheduled to address that issue. The Sigma report noted that a portion of the building would need to be demolished as the comingled asbestos cannot be abated. Due to this fact, the front facade would be removed. The building would fall under the definition of "emergency demolition" and the Commission would have no jurisdiction under this designation. Proponents of the designation: Steve Ewing - 3119 W. Wells St. - had questions of Mr. Roberts relating to the asbestos and feels this building is unique and needs to be saved and a second opinion relating to the asbestos should be obtained. James Dieter - nominator - there is grant money out there and he's concerned with even more vacant lots in the neighborhood Douglas Gallus - architect with Mr. Dieter - he has not had an opportunity to go into the buildiing or do any kind of structural analysis Robin Muller - supporter of keeping the theater due to its cultural heritage in the music scenes in the 70s and thinks the money can be raised. Dave Miskey - Redevelopment Authority, owner of the building - no submitted proposal with a buget submitted to him. They did ask for a proposal from Mr. Dieter by last Friday and there was no proposal submitted. Opponents of the designation: Pat Muller - opposed, but didn't wish to speak Keith Stanley - Near West Side Partners - they support the demo as there are no developers involved. John Hennessey - Hennessey Group - would like two weeks to put together a conceptual and financing plan. Ald. Bauman doesn't think this property is historic. He supports RACM working with any developers to develop this property. Mr. Jarosz doesn't think this building would be granted any federal tax credits. Ald. Bauman doesn't feel this building is historic and Ms. Pieper Eisenbrown is concerned that no financial plan has been submitted.
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161559 06.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for re-siding the rear cottage at 1927A N. Second Street in the Brewers Hill Historic District for Sue Mims.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin said the applicant proposes to re-side the rear cottage. A glass block window was illegally installed and now another window has been removed with no approval. There is also new knotty cedar siding and now there are also unapproved vent pipes. There are current violation orders on the property. Staff recommends denial. The owner did apply for COAs for work on the front project. Richard Smith - Inner City Services (son-in-law of Susie Mims) and he lives in the front house. There was an electrical fire in 2009. The window that was covered was in a pantry and was rotten. The house isn't insulated and the tenant's pipes were freezing so the whole house was insulated. He needs to work with staff to come into compliance.
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161593 07.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for replacing the storefront glazing at 2581 N. Downer Avenue in the Downer Avenue Historic District for Salon Nova.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin said that the store front on the far left is being considered for change. The three store fronts have all been altered, but this one and a second one has been altered less. With recent changes in building codes, this storefront glazing might be the best solution even though not historically accurate. Building code takes precedence over historic standards. Staff would like the copper trim to be retained and replace as needed and use the same depth of glass as used by Henry's. Staff reluctantly recommends approval with the copper trim and speaking with Henry's about their glass. Joan Sweet - architect. They will look at the slightly less thick glass that Henry's has and they're fine with the copper base.
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161633 08.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for construction of a replacement filling station at 3114 N. Sherman Boulevard (formerly 4246 W. Burleigh Street) in the Sherman Boulevard Historic District for Pakhar Singh.

Minutes note: Ms. Hatala said the building was destroyed last year during the civil unrest. The owner is proposing a new station with a convenience store and tenant space. Two empty city-owned lots will be acquired. The canopy design will need staff review. The new building will be clad in brick for all facades and will face south. The rear has no openings, but will have piers to give it some definition. The color scheme will be solid red. Staff finds the design acceptable. The landscape plan was submitted today that dresses up the corners on the major thoroughfares and that is acceptable as well. This matter will go before BOZA. It is staff's understanding that Ald. Rainey supports this. Tom Stachowiak- architect - large site and the owner has to work with a budget. In the back, the recessed panels will be for murals, at the request of the Dept. of City Development The chair thinks the building needs to be more friendly and open. Vaun Mays - 2649 N. 49th St. - lives and works in Sherman Park - his organization had some issues with the building owner and feels it isn't very neighbor-friendly. Per Ms. Hatala, the changes submitted today by the owner and architect were a result of the staff report. Ed Richardson - Dept. of City Development - there are a lot of moving parts on this which a delay would affect. Gabriel Taylor - 2921 N. 47th St. - the gas station is a major contributor as to what happened to it.
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161632 09.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for storefront rehabilitation and masonry cleaning at 1016-1024 E. Brady Street in the Brady Street Historic District for Michael Glorioso.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin said this is facade rehabilitation on the ground floor and the upper level will have brick repairs and cleaning. The Glorioso's awnings and storefronts were removed and there was nothing historic behind it. The building was built in 1927 as a multi-store building with Glorioso's operating most or all of the storefronts since 1946. There are few historic photos of the storefronts. The applicant is putting a mediterranean look on the facade. Staff recommends approval with divided light in the transom and the proposed glazed tile won't wear well and isn't appropriate to the building. The brick cleaning will be approved as a staff COA. Tom Stachowiak - architect - will investigate how tile on other businesses in the area is wearing. Mike Glorioso - is excited about the project and looking forward to getting the buildings back to how they think they looked. Approved with transom and tile conditions.
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161662 010.ResolutionSubstitute resolution affirming the Historic Preservation Commission's decision and denying an appeal relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for painting over a preexisting mural sign and installing multiple signs on the south elevation of 1003-1007 N. Old World 3rd Street in the Old World 3rd Street Historic District for owner Robert Wiltgen of Who’s Milwaukee, LLC in the 4th Aldermanic District.

Minutes note: Mr. Askin said the applicant is requesting retroactive approval for painting over signs. The building was built in 1901. The sign was installed in 2014 and an application was applied for in May 2014, post-sign installation. The applicant was found guilty of failure to obtain a COA in 2016. Staff recommends partial approval - applicant can keep one of the two signs naming the establishment (either the horizontal or the vertical one). Atty. Michael Whitcomb - sign was created by a local artist and is on rainboard. He went before BOZA for a dimensional variance as they considered all 4 signs as one (awning signs considered the same sign). Robert Wiltjen - owner - the owner was unaware of the laws and realized it post-signage. Mr. Askin said that the Board of Zoning Appeals required that HPC had to approve the signs. Grant with staff's recommendation to keep one of the four signs.
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161667 011.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a mothball certificate for 1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street, known as the Modjeska Theater, in the Mitchell Street Historic District for Modjeska Theater Project, LLC.

Minutes note: Ms. Hatala said the applicant has asked that this be held until next month. The chair approved it.
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161669 012.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the removal of all stained glass windows at 790 N. Van Buren Street and their replacement with clear glazing, the Wisconsin Consistory of the Scottish Rite, an individually designated building for Ascendant Holdings.

Minutes note: The chair approved holding over this matter.
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   13. Updates and announcements.

Minutes note: Cream of the Cream Cities applicants are coming along. 5:20 P.m.
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   14. The following files represent staff approved Certificates of Appropriateness:    Not available
161644 0a.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for re-roofing the house and garage and replacing the gutters and downspouts on the house and garage at 2530 N. Summit Avenue in the North Point North Historic District for Karla Horst Benton.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161659 0b.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the replacement of multiple storm doors with steel security doors at 3317-3319 W. Mc Kinley Boulevard in the Cold Spring Park Historic District for Sasha Gray.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161670 0c.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the replacement of a sign face within an existing sign box at 546 W. Historic Mitchell Street in the Mitchell Street Historic District for Tony Picon of Faretemps.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161671 0d.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for installation of a wood and metal sign at 1125 N. 9th Street, in the Pabst Brewery Historic District for Blue Ribbon Management.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161686 0e.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for a sidewalk café on the Brady Street and Warren Avenue frontages at 1348 E. Brady Street in the Brady Street Historic District for Roaring Fork, LLC.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161738 0f.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the demolition and replacement of alley stairs at 116 E. Vine Street in the Brewers Hill Historic District for Barbara Janczak.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161762 0g.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for the installation of three steel security doors on the rear (“south”) elevation at 2415 E. Wyoming Place in the in the North Point South Historic District for Doug Rose.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available
161768 0h.ResolutionResolution relating to a Certificate of Appropriateness for re-roofing and replacing gutters at 851 N. 29th Street in the in the Concordia Historic District for John Dombeck and Catherine Friel-Dombeck.ADOPTEDPass4:0 Action details Not available