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Meeting Name: CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 4/28/2014 9:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: City Hall, Room 301-B
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Review and approval of the minutes of April 3 and April 7, 2014 meetings.

Minutes note: Meeting convened: 9:05 A.M. Members present: Ald. Robert Bauman, Mariano Schifalacqua, Ghassan Korban, Martin Matson and Dennis Yaccarino for Mark Nicolini, Gerard Froh and Ald. Kovac arrived at 9:35 A.M. Mr. Schifalaqua moved, seconded by Mr. Froh, for approval of the minutes. There were no objections.
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   2. Discussion of and recommendations for the 2015 Capital Budget Requests.

Minutes note: Special Capital Projects The committee discussed the special capital projects that are included in the budget. Ald. Bauman suggested increasing funding for the Municipal Art Fund to $50,000. There were no objections. Mr. Shambarger said that the City is involved in the National Better Building Challenge, a national initiative to cut energy use in city buildings. He said the goal is to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020. He said this request will primarily fund the installation of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors. He said this program is cross departmental and will complement the efforts that DPW has been making in the buildings that it maintains. Mr. Shambarger said that since 2009, DPW has reduced its energy consumption by approximately 15%. Citywide the reduction is about 10%. Ald. Bauman suggested that the Better Buildings Challenge be funded as requested. The remaining special capital projects, Grant and Aid, Housing Trust Fund, and the Capital Improvements Committee were recommended for funding as requested. ITMD The committee discussed the capital request of the Department of Administration – ITMD. All of the 2015 requests IT Upgrade, Public Safety Communications, Tax Collection Software, Map Milwaukee Upgrade, and Mobile device Security &Management were recommended for funding as requested. Ms. Olson said the request for Public Safety Communications was higher than in the past because the department is anticipating a higher number of construction projects which will impact the fiber system. Ms. Olson said the current tax collection software is on a mainframe that will no longer be supported after December 2013 and the system can’t be used effectively for analysis. She said the cost estimate is based on peer city experience. She said if the project is included in the 2015 she would like to issue an RFP before the end of 2014. Ald. Bauman suggested that funding could be phased over the expected implementation of the project. Mr. Matson suggested that the funding for the entire project be included because the implementation schedule won’t be known until the results of the RFP are received. Assessor The committee discussed City Assessor’s capital request for new Assessment Software. Ms. Olson said that the Assessor’s system is the input for the Treasurer’s system. She said there are some vendors that could provide both systems and that possibility would be evaluated. Ald. Bauman suggested that the project be funded as requested. There were no objections. City Attorney The committee discussed the capital request from the City Attorney for the Remodeling of the 8th Floor of City Hall. Ald. Kovac said that the City attorney made a request to sole source the design contract to the same firm that did the original design plan. Mr. Korban said that the existing plan is five years old and does not reflect the addition of one deputy position. He said that it made sense for the original author of the plan to provide the update to accommodate new staff. Ald. Kovac said that the city should attempt to accommodate all of the City Attorney staff on the 8th floor and also provide a semi-public space that could be used for special functions. Mr. Korban said that keeping the staff all on one floor and providing a semi-public space will preclude the department from growing. Ald. Kovac suggested that the committee recommend a full exploration of the design on the 8th floor to determine if there is a more creative way of accommodating both uses, stressing the importance of a long term space use plan. He also said that design funds shouldn’t be released until there is design that we are comfortable with. Mr. Schifalacqua suggested a recommendation of zero with a statement that the committee supports the project but can’t recommend funding without a final floor plan. Mr. Korban said that the request is based on current industry standards and that concern that a change in the floor plan might change the amount required is not a reason to remove all the funding. Mr. Froh said it would be helpful if the Common Council would resolve the space use issue. Mr. Matson said that if the funds are budgeted they could only be expended after the Common Council approves the plan. Ald. Bauman asked for a vote on the recommendation to include no funding in 2015 until a new floor plan has been developed. Voting Aye: Mr. Schifalacqua, Mr. Froh, Ald. Kovac, Ald. Bauman. Voting No: Mr. Yaccarino, Mr. Matson. City Clerk The committee discussed various remodeling projects and the need to reallocate space to accommodate staff during the City Hall foundation repair project. Mr. Korban said that it was possible that the foundation project would require the temporary relocation of the Legislative Reference Bureau Library, the Historic Preservation Commission and some Treasurer’s Office staff. He said it was too early in the planning to process to know exactly how much staff relocation would be required. Mr. Korban suggested that some funding be provided to design and coordinate the various remodeling projects with the foundation repair projects. Mr. Korban said that subject to approval, the construction on the foundation project could begin in 2015. The committee discussed using the 8th floor of City Hall as surge space during the foundation project. Ald. Bauman suggested no funding be recommended for the City Clerk’s remodeling requests. He said funding could be included if space planning conversations related to the foundation work warranted it. No funding was recommended for the LRB Research Office Upgrade and the City hall Room 205 Renovation. The Channel 25 Digital Conversion project was recommended for funding as requested. Comptroller Mr. Matson said that after discussions with the Budget Office, ITMD, Purchasing and the Record Center, he would like to revise the request to $370,000 and have the funds budgeted in the Dept. of Administration – Purchasing, which oversees the Record Center. He said the project would address an operational need in his department and could serve as a pilot for other departments. He said this project differs from the DNS request in that DNS intends to hire a consultant to image historical records. There were no objections. Election Commission The committee discussed the capital request of the Election Commission. The request for the New Voting Equipment was recommended for funding at the requested level. DCD Ald. Bauman suggested that no funding be recommended for capital accounts that have significant balances until the balance has been reduced or the department presents a plan to utilize additional funding. Ald. Kovac agreed. Mr. Froh suggested that the committee could express a willingness to support contingent borrowing if budgeted funding was reduced and viable projects became available. Mr. Yaccarino said that he was not aware of any pending projects. Ald. Kovac said he would not support reducing capital accounts if it jeopardized grant funding. He also said that it should be more obvious that there may be multiple sources of funds available to support businesses on commercial streets. Mr. Schroeder said that funding from the Development fund was being used to supplement funding in other capital accounts such as the façade program. He said that 2013 funding for Advance Planning would be transferred shortly to segment accounts. Ald. Bauman asked if the increment made available by extending the life of tax incremental districts could be used to support existing capital programs in DCD. Mr. Yaccarino said that was one possibility. No funding was recommended for the Neighborhood Commercial District Street Improvement Fund, the Business Improvement District Fund, the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative and the Façade Program. The remaining capital accounts, Tax Incremental Districts, the Advance Planning Fund, the Housing Infrastructure Preservation Fund, the In rem Property Program, the Commercial In rem Property Program, the Brownfields program and the new Vacant Lot Beautification Program were recommended for funding as requested. Fire Ald. Bauman suggested funding all Fire Dept. capital programs as requested with the exception of the new repair shop. He said that building a new fire shop would be a more viable proposition if it were tied to a redevelopment plan for the existing site. Mr. Schifalacqua suggested that the Fire Department work with DCD to develop a land redevelopment strategy for the current site and the future site. The Major Capital Equipment, Fire Facilities Maintenance Program and the Auxiliary Generator programs were recommended for funding as requested. No funding was recommended for the Fire Repair Shop or the Fire Remodeling – 3rd Floor HQ. Health The committee discussed the capital request of the Health Department. The request for the Health Facilities Capital Projects was recommended for funding at the requested level. Library The committee discussed the capital request of the Library. All of the requests were recommended for funding as requested. DNS The committee discussed the capital requests of the Department of Neighborhood Services. The requests for the Conversion of the Anderson Garage and the Development Center Remodeling project were recommended for funding at the requested level. The committee discussed the need for a city wide approach to record imaging. Ald. Bauman suggested that no funding be recommended for the Conversion of Permit Records to Scanned Images until a more comprehensive, city-wide image scanning and microfilm conversion policy is developed. Municipal Court The committee discussed the capital request of the Municipal Court. The request for the Virtual Server and SAN Replacement was recommended for funding at the requested level. Police The committee discussed the capital requests of the Police Department. The Police Administration Remodeling project, Radio & Communications Upgrades, the Record Management System (RMS), the Mobile Data Computer Upgrades and the Digital Asset Management System Replacement were recommended for funding at the requested level. Ald. Bauman suggested $500,000 for District Repairs because there was unspent money from previous years. Ald. Kovac asked if constructing new restrooms was the only solution to the 911 security perimeter issue. Ald. Bauman said that new bathrooms were unnecessary and suggested that no funding be provided for Data/Comm Center Repairs. There were no objections. Ald. Bauman suggested that no funding be recommended for Digital Asset Management System, the Job Scheduling Software and the Training Management System. Mr. Schifalacqua said that the training management system might be worth the investment if it would provide operational savings. Port of Milwaukee The committee discussed the capital requests of the Port of Milwaukee. All capital programs, Dockwall Rehabilitation, Pier Berth and Channel Improvements, Roadway Paving, Port Security, Rail Track and Service Upgrades, and the Demolition/Rehabilitation of Expired Leasehold Facilities were recommended for funding at the requested level. DPW – Operations Mr. Nicolini said that in addition to what is in the capital budget, the City is making an investment of approximately $8 million for improvements to implement the intergovernmental cooperation agreement at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The committee discussed the proposed salt dome at N. 14th & W Walnut. Ms. Booker said that it was the smallest salt dome in the city and that increased capacity in the central city would improve operations. Ald. Kovac asked if it was a problem every year. Ms. Booker said no. Ald. Bauman suggested removing funding for the salt dome from the Environmental Services Facility Modification request. There were no objections. Because there is no immediate need to move the facility, Ald. Bauman suggested recommending no funding in 2015 for the Industrial Road Facility Relocation. The committee discussed the proposal to remove and replace untreated ash trees before they become infested. Mr. Cole said that it was unlikely that the winter was cold enough to eliminate emerald ash borer (EAB). He said that all untreated trees will eventually become infested and die. Mr. Nicolini suggested that the replacement schedule could be extended without having an adverse impact. Ald. Bauman suggested leaving funding at the requested amount for the EAB Ash Transition program. Ald. Bauman suggested a funding recommendation of $50,000 for Forestry Headquarters Modifications. There were no objections. Mr. Nicolini said that the 2014 Budget for major capital equipment included some one time purchases. He said that $6.7 million is closer to the department’s baseline budget. He said the key is going to be the level and pace of automation. Ald. Bauman suggested a funding recommendation of $6.5 million for Major Capital Equipment. There were no objections. The remaining DPW – Operations capital requests, Brine Makers, Concealed Irrigation, Tree Planting and Production, Stump Removal, Emerald Ash Borer Readiness and Response, and Hazardous Tree Removal were recommended for funding as requested. DPW - ISD The committee discussed the capital requests of DPW - Facilities. Regarding the Local Bridge program Mr. Nicolini said that at least one bridge project may have to be deferred. Mr. Christiansen listed the bridge projects proposed for 2015. Mr. Schifalacqua suggested leaving the funding at $10 million. There were no objections. Mr. Schifalacqua said that the committee should comment on the unfairness of the bridge funding policies at the state level and encourage the City to make an effort to secure a greater amount of state and federal funding. Ald. Kovac agreed saying that the letter should be strongly worded. Mr. Nicolini noted that $7.5 million of the State and Federally Aided Paving program was the City’s share. He also said that there is no levy impact for new, developer funded streets. The committee discussed options for increasing the amount of paving work in 2015. Mr. Korban suggested spending more money on conventional paving projects rather than increasing the High Impact Paving Program above the 2014 Budget level. Ald. Bauman suggested a funding recommendation of $14.5 million for the Local Street program. Ald. Bauman said that there is a large backlog of scattered site sidewalk replacement. Mr. Amin confirmed that the backlog is between three and four years. He said that the department typically lets two area wide contracts and one scattered site contract each year. He said that an area wide contract costs about $800,000. Ald. Bauman suggested increasing funding to $1.75 million for the Sidewalk Replacement program. Mr. Korban said that the additional funding should be directed to tree root related sidewalk replacement because of the size of the backlog. There were no objections. Mr. Bryson described the components of the street lighting request. Mr. Bryson said that the department would be able to do approximately $1 million of additional work on the street lighting system with the current staff levels. He said that all street lighting work except the control circuit replacement is done in-house. Ald. Bauman suggested increasing the recommended funding in the Street Lighting program by $1 million. There were no objections. Mr. Bryson said the department develops a prioritized list of underground conduit projects and will be able to utilize whatever is budgeted. Ald. Bauman suggested a funding recommendation of $2.5 million for Underground Conduit. There were no objections. The committee discussed the merits of performing certain repair and maintenance work related to the underground conduit, fiber and manholes using City staff. Mr. Bryson said that the department is in the process of filling additional positions to staff a city repair crew for the electrical manholes. Ald. Kovac suggested that the City should remain open to the possibility of doing more work in-house. Mr. Bryson said that the large increase in the request for the repair of electrical manholes was related to the new inspection program that is documenting the system wide repair needs. The remaining capital projects, the Major Bridge Program, the Local Bridge Program, State and Federal Aid Paving, New Streets – Developer, Alleys, Traffic Control, and Electrical Manhole Repair and Reconstruction were recommended for funding as requested. DPW Facilities Mr. Fredrich described the proposed programs and projects for DPW Facilities. Mr. Korban anticipated that DPW will appear before the Public Works Committee to discuss the City Hall Hollow Walk Structural Repairs (Foundation Project) in June. Ald. Bauman suggested a recommendation of $100,000 for the City Hall Complex Remodeling program. There were no objections. Ald. Kovac asked if the energy savings from updating building systems can be quantified. Mr. Fredrich said that typical savings for replacing mechanical equipment is between 20% and 30%. Ald. Kovac said it would be helpful to see the cost of a project compared to the cost of the current energy use. He suggested that if there was a high payback that this program should be increased. Ald. Bauman suggested a funding recommendation of $2.5 million for the Facility Systems Program. There were no objections. Mr. Nicolini suggested that separate funding for Energy Efficiency Upgrades might not be necessary if DPW has a comprehensive approach to evaluating and implementing energy saving components in all of its facility projects. Mr. Froh suggested there might be neighborhood partners who could assist with restoration or repair work on the historic Northpoint Water Tower. The remaining capital programs for DPW Facilities, Environmental Remediation, ADA Compliance, the Facilities Exterior Program, the Outlying Facilities Program, Space Planning, the Energy Efficiency Program, Northpoint Lake Tower Repairs, and the Hartung Park Landfill Closure were recommended for funding as requested. Parking Ms. Angelos described the proposed work at each Parking structure. Ms. Angelos said that the single space credit card meters were not available when the City installed the multi-space LUKE meters. She said the meters are currently being tested. All of the department’s requests, 1000 N Water, MacArthur Square, Milwaukee/Michigan, 4th and Highland, 2nd and Plankinton, Single Space Credit Card Readers and Repaving the Tow/Surface Lots were recommended for funding as requested. Water Works The committee discussed the capital requests of the Milwaukee Water Works. Ald. Bauman asked if the current level of investment was sufficient. Ms. Lewis said that the water main program could be increased by moving funding for the side stream ozonation project, and the Linnwood plant residual analysis. Mr. Schifalacqua said that the committee should go on record saying that we believe the water main budget is still low and expressing support for the utility’s on-going efforts to secure additional funding. Mr. Korban added that the committee would support the addition of water main funding in the 2015 Budget if it became available. The committee recommended increasing the water main program to $11.2 million and reducing the Linnwood Plant Treatment Improvements and the Howard Plant Treatment Improvements to $1,100,000 and $150,000 respectively. The remaining programs Developer out of program Water Mains, Assessable Water Mains, Howard Plant Building Improvements, Pump Facilities Improvements, Storage Facilities, Meter Shop and Contingencies were recommended for funding as requested. Sewer Maintenance Fund Mr. Thur said there are about 25 river channel segments that the City maintains. Ald. Kovac requested the locations. Mr. Thur said that the Noyes Park channel and the Hastings project were completed in 2013. He said that channel projects require a Chapter 30 permit from the state which takes about one year to obtain. He said that opportunities to naturalize river channels are somewhat limited due to space constraints, but that each segment is evaluated on a case by case basis. Mr. Korban said that widening the channels would generally require land acquisition which can be cost prohibitive. Mr. Thur said that the City is working jointly with the County and with MMSD on the Flood Mitigation project in Dineen Park. All of the department’s capital programs Water Quality Projects to Meet TMDL, Pump Facility Projects, River Channel Maintenance, Inflow & Infiltration, and Flood Mitigation were recommended for funding as requested. The committee discussed the Playground Improvement Challenge fund. Ald. Bauman suggested $100,000 in funding. There were no objections. The committee discussed potential funding sources for the EAB Ash Transition program and the purchase of brine makers. Mr. Nicolini said that it may be possible to fund the brine makers with the snow and ice fee but that more research would need to be done.
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   3. Set next meeting agenda.

Minutes note: Meeting adjourned: 1:05 P.M.
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