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Meeting Name: GRANVILLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/1/2023 9:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Virtual Meeting
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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     This will be a virtual meeting conducted via GoToMeeting. Should you wish to join this meeting from your phone, tablet, or computer you may go to https://meet.goto.com/547702301. You can also dial in using your phone United States: +1 (312) 757-3121 and Access Code: 547-702-301.    Not available
   1. Call to order.

Minutes note: Meeting called to order at 9:04 a.m.
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   2. Roll call.

Minutes note: Vice-chair Dotson chairing the meeting.
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     Also present:

Minutes note: Ald. Larresa Taylor, 9th Ald. Dist.
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   3. Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes from September 6, 2023.

Minutes note: Meeting minutes from September 6, 2023 were approved without objection.
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   4. Discussion, update, review, and/or motion(s) on Granville Development District RFPs, listings, projects, programs, initiatives, events, grants, plans, activities, or other aspects.

Minutes note: Please note: The Granville Advisory Committee may render a decision regarding a proposal. A contested hearing may prompt subsequent meetings prior to a decision being made by the committee. a. 8400 N. 72nd St. market rate housing development DPD amendment by Eagle Management RE, LLC Development representatives appearing: Jim Glikin, Eagle Management RE Greg Rich, Eagle Management RE Joe Agacki, Striegel Agacki Studio The development representatives presented. They currently operate the adjacent Villas at Granville market rate condo rental properties with 7 private owners for the last 11 years. The proposal was for the south adjacent 5-acre vacant site. The site was initially zoned for a 136 unit apartment development. Due to demand for quality market rate housing, the site was now being proposed for a reduced 75 to 80-unit market rate housing development. The reduced scale would require support of an amendment to the original larger scale Detailed Plan Development (DPD). The proposed development would be an extension of the existing adjacent The Villas at Granville condo community at 8616 N. 72nd St., see a reduction in density and scale with six 2-story buildings totaling about 78 units, have 157 total combined interior and exterior parking stalls, landscaping (native plantings, pathways, corridors), extension/completion of Dean Street, entrances and exits on 72nd Street and Dean Street, contemporary building designs with meandering/staggered distance between the buildings, 1 to 2 bedroom units, rents at market rate, possible consideration of home ownership (if feasible), shared amenities both new and current with The Villas at Granville, and a community pavilion. Members inquired about property ownership, community engagement (important), rental costs, and rental qualifications (especially for single father households) on the proposed development. Ald. Taylor inquired about site acreage and total number of units. The developer team replied. The proposed development would entirely be rental but they could entertain property ownership in the future if deemed feasible. They met with Ald. Taylor and were coming to the committee today. They have not held community meetings but were open to engage the community for further feedback. Rental costs would range from $1,800 to $2,800 depending on the square footage. They would implement the same consistent rental tenant criteria from the Villas to this development. The criteria would include 1/3 of income ratio, criminal background, rent verification, and credit score. Credit score would not be a hard stop. Hard stops would be for background checks (violent crime history). They worked with applicants to help people get qualified. Total site acreage was 5.5. Total unit count was 78. The development was now at a reduced scale and match the profile of the community. Ald. Taylor said that she had met with them, appreciated the expansion of the Villas at Granville to this new development, appreciated the landscaping plan to enhance quality of life, and that she would hold a town hall meeting on the proposed development. Member Dodds, Jr. moved to support the market rate housing development and DPD amendment. Seconded by member Hinton. There was no objection. b. 9026 W. Brown Deer Rd. extended hours license application by 9026 Fuel, LLC Appearing: Igbal Singh, 9026 Fuel, LLC Mr. Singh presented. The proposal was for an Extend Hours License to extend the hours to operate 24 hours per day at the gas station due to customer demand. Members inquired about security measures, current hours of operation Mr. Singh replied. Current hours were 5 am to 12 am. There would be 14 cameras total both inside and outside, proper lighting, and no security guard. He was a new owner since September. He has not experienced any safety incidents at the gas station. At this location the request for extended hours was an optional request. Members said that they were familiar with the gas station, has experienced or witnessed violence there, and had safety concerns with the proposed extended hours of operation. Ald. Taylor said that the business was at a busy corner, she had the same safety concerns at the business and within the neighborhood overall, and the safety plan would have to increase to add personnel and cleanliness. Member Dodds, Jr. moved to oppose the proposal for an Extend Hours License to extend the hours to operate 24 hours per day at the gas station based upon members' public safety concerns, especially stemming from undesirable clientele during the extended hours. Seconded by member Hill. There was no objection. c. 9425 W. Brown Deer Rd. extended hours license application by 9425 Fuel, LLC Appearing: Igbal Singh, 9425 Fuel, LLC Pritpal Grewal Mr. Singh presented. The proposal was for an Extend Hours License to extend the hours to operate 24 hours per day at the gas station based on customer demand and also on his financial analysis. There was not enough business and he wanted to increase income. The business previously operated 24 hours in the past. Current hours were 5 am to 12 am. There were no immediate residential neighbors around. The extended hours would benefit residents across the street. The gas station offered food and milk. Ald. Taylor said that she was concerned with potential patron traffic coming from a problematic bar not too far away. She would not want the gas station in operation during bar closing. She would support a 4 am opening time. Members said that they had concerns with loitering and crime in the neighborhood especially for the apartments across the street, that those issues would be exacerbated and come to the gas station during the late morning extended hours, that the early morning hours would attract people seeking trouble and not necessarily families, and that there was a shooting and car stolen incident there last year. Mr. Singh and Mr. Grewal asked for the committee to consider supporting extending the hours to a 2 am closing time and 4 am opening time, for the committee to not punish their business for actions occurring from the bar 4 blocks away, they would hire security personnel if the hours were extended, they would have 16 cameras and more, their sales were dropping, and for the committee to give them a fair chance as new owners/operators. Members added that the neighborhood was a high risk one, of importance was to proactively change the neighborhood and prevent further issues, and any adverse decision by the committee was nothing personal. Member Dodds, Jr. moved to oppose the proposal for an Extend Hours License to extend the hours to operate 24 hours per day at the gas station based upon members' public safety concerns, especially stemming from undesirable clientele during the extended hours. Seconded by member Brookshire. There was no objection. d. 7930 West Clinton Ave. juvenile correctional facility update by Wisconsin Department of Corrections Appearing: Secretary Kevin Carr, Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary Carr gave an update on the proposed new youth facility. The land was closed in July 2023. The State Building Commission approved funding for the new construction and design of the facility in August 2023. They were now going to do asbestos abatement of the current building prior to demolition. A demolition bid would be released in December 2023, contracted in January 2024, and begin at the end of January to February. After demolition there would be a construction bid out in April 2024. Construction was anticipated to begin in June 2024. Ald. Taylor said that she wanted to establish a good relationship with Secretary Carr but has failed to received direct communication from him despite trying to connect with his office. Secretary Carr said he was not aware of this communication issue, will have staff contact Ald. Taylor after today's meeting, and will fix the disconnect. Members inquired about the necessity for asbestos abatement, economic opportunity to local residents and agencies for the bids, contracting with local agencies to provide services, and academic plan for daily living for the youths. Ald. Taylor inquired about the operation method (punitive vs. treatment) being used for the new facility, security, and appearance. Secretary Carr replied. There were legal requirements to abate the asbestos prior to demolition as it was a hazardous material. The DOC would occupy the facility but the Wisconsin Dept. of Administration would have oversight over formal contracting and construction. He would advocate to the State DOA to have DBE requirements as much as possible in their contracts. The facility's appearance would not resemble a prison. It would resemble a medical and/or school appearance. His new DOC administration was in compliance with a court ordered monitor's consent decree. They now have a DBT behavioral technique program model at Lincoln Hills and would bring that to the new facility. This model was supported by the court monitor. Their current correctional security professionals were sufficient, and there was no need for hire additional outside security personnel. The facility would be highly secured with cameras, lighting, and non-barbed fencing. They were confident that the facility would not foster an occupying force in the community. A reason to bring Lincoln Hills to this new facility was to be closer to local services, be in an area of cultural relevancy, and be closer to family for the youths. Their academic instruction plan was approved by the Dept. of Public Instruction. They would engage with Milwaukee Public Schools to provide education. Those education instruction conversations would be ongoing for the next years prior to operation. He would send their current academic and daily living plan to the committee. Ald. Taylor said that of importance were having the extra support in place for the youths and adding value to the community. The programming and service aspects would be difficult and require ongoing regular conversations. Secretary Carr concurred that programming and services would require intentionality and many thoughtful conversations. e. Discussion on neighborhood conditions and concerns. Vice-chair Dotson said that she was concerned with witnessing alcohol events (possible deviation from the business operation plan) at the recently supported new assembly hall venue at 8651 W. Brown Deer Rd. by Clothes to the Rescue (Roy Neldfieldt). The establishment should return to the committee to provide an update and to address concerns. Ald. Taylor concurred and said she had received complaints on the establishments. Mr. Dodds, Jr. inquired about the new Sentry's on N. 65th St. and Silver Spring Dr. not coming before the committee for review. Ald. Taylor replied that the new Sentry's was not in the Granville District and was in Havenwoods. Member Chatham said she was concerned with uncertainty, vacancy, the lack of maintenance/improvement for existing properties, and lack of activity for the commercial corridor on Brown Deer Rd. Businesses of concern included Burger King, Northridge, and Walgreens. Another concern was overgrown trees that need trimming. Ald. Taylor commented. She got in touch with Walgreens indirectly. Walgreens were having legal issues. She would continue having conversations with them on their intentions and on addressing dumping there. Berada properties were trying to clean the property there. The vacant Burger King may have interest for a laundromat. The commercial corridor appears vacant but the issue may be attributed to a lack of signage as there were businesses in operation there presently. There are issues with weed, fallen fences, and lot upkeep. She was in communication with the 2 strip mall owners. She was in talks with them to repaint the buildings (such as Dollar Tree), eliminate weeds, fix fences, and install more lighting. There would be a November 16th business summit event to provide information on City resources and assistance. US Cellular would become a Dunkin Donuts. Pizza Hut and Harbor Freight was coming, too. Progress was coming but was moving slowly. The Dollar Tree had improved its shopping experience with actions taken by its new management. A Sentry's next to Dollar Tree may happen. She was working with other alders and the Dept. of Public Works Forestry Division to plant and trim trees. Members should notify her of any trees that need trimming for her to help address. She was available and has been active in the community. She was holding talk back sessions on every 3rd Thursdays of the month and meetings with businesses and residents on Saturday mornings. She has been dealing with some personal tragedies. f. Other There were no other discussion.
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   5. Public comments.

Minutes note: There were no public comments.
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   6. Review and approval of 2024 meeting schedule.

Minutes note: Mr. Lee said that the 2024 meeting schedule would continue and be for the first Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. Member Dodds, Jr. moved that the 2024 meeting schedule continue to be the first Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. Seconded by member Chatham. There was no objection.
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   7. Next steps.

Minutes note: a. Next meeting date and time (Wed., Dec. 6, 2023 at 9 a.m.) b. Agenda items for the next meeting To be determined.
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   8. Announcements.

Minutes note: There were no announcements.
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   9. Adjournment.

Minutes note: Meeting adjourned at 11:02 a.m. Chris Lee, Staff Assistant Council Records Section City Clerk's Office
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