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Meeting date/time: 3/2/2023 10:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 303, Third Floor, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Call to order.

Minutes note: The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m.
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   2. Roll call.

Minutes note: Present (11) - Borkowski, Henke, Richter, Jaeger, Klajbor, Meyer-Stearns, Zelanzy, Madison, Zimmer, Riesing, Watt Absent (1) - Larson Ms. Dana Zelazny and Mr. Max Riesing serving as members in lieu of members Owczarski and Sawa for this meeting. Also present: Brad Houston, City Records Center Peter Block, City Attorney's Office Judy Siettmann, ITMD Kathy Brengosz, LRB Cassandra Lapworth, MPL Members, staff persons, and attendees made brief introductions.
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   3. Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes from December 8, 2022.

Minutes note: The meeting minutes from December 8, 2022 were approved without objection.
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   4. Records retention.

Minutes note: A. Proposed departmental record schedules for approval Mr. Houston presented. There were almost 300 schedules. Majority of them were close schedules for the Dept. of Public Works and Police Dept. regarding duplicative copies of records within subdivisions of the departments, copies that were not records, unnecessary records (such a personal notes), and those superceded by global schedules. Other close schedules were straightforward. There were renewal schedules for the Mayor's Office, 14 new schedules, and amended schedules for the Treasurer's Office to mirror the State's retention period for tax deed foreclosure file series. Corrections were needed to MPD schedules 82-0100 and 82-0108 to make those schedules, concerning teletype messages, more broadly applicable. Teletype messages received or sent by MPD Communications Division's Teletype Desk to or from other MPD personnel to remain with a 7-year retention period. Teletype messages (informative in nature) received by MPD personnel from the MPD Communications Division's Teletype Desk for stolen vehicles, missing persons, officer-involved incidents, and other MPD events to have a 1-year retention period. The committee discussed being comfortable with making the amendments (corrections) to the MPD schedules, as presented by Mr. Houston, orally followed by subsequent submission of the amendments in written form. Member Klajbor moved to amend schedules 82-0100 and 82-0108, as presented by Mr. Houston, and to approve the record schedules, as amended. Member Meyer-Stearns seconded. There was no objection. B. State Records Board approval of previous schedules update Mr. Houston said that the previous retention schedules approved by the committee failed to be submitted in time for the last State Record Board's meeting due to the holidays and error in communications. He would be submitting both the previous retention schedules and the schedules just approved to the upcoming June State Records Board meeting. Mr. Houston said that since heading the City Records Center, the total number of record retention schedules has reduced from about 5,000 to 2,800. C. Discussion on an enterprise records and document management system Mr. Houston discussed consideration for an enterprise records and document management system (ERDMS) to provide better file navigation, control, and retrieval; free up departmental file storage spaces; and provide records/copies of authority. Departments have inquired to his office on how to handle their digital files. He has worked with some offices, such as the Comptroller's Office and Dept. of Employee Relations, to individually build the necessary infrastructure and to onboard to File Director; however, this method is an opt-in system. Records management has shifted to a records management in place model with a centralized depository for records, mapping, and info structure polices from other systems feeding into the system (texts/emails, LOB databases and related records, shared drives/file shares, and content managment/collaboration systems). There were too many separate or insufficient records management systems. An ERDMS system would need approval from all City levels including the committee and departments. He was now making members aware of this proposal. He would forward a flow chart of the system subsequently to the committee. Members and participants discussed that City Records Center would have to make a capital request in their budget for such a system, City Records Center would have to manage the system, that an obstacle was the existence of several separate IT offices for the City, many IT system would need to be incorporated into n ERDMS system, that a systems audit would need to occur, and that the system should be automated. Mr. Houston further commented. A central system in Las Vegas cost about $2.5 million. The system should have internal tracking, start as a pilot before expanding citywide, and focus on user experience. There would be space for both classified and unclassified records. Artificial intelligence would be needed, supervised, and adhere to classifications criteria. Chair Borkowski said for there to be further thought on an ERDMS system and for the committee to further discuss/consider it at the next meeting.
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   5. Information and Technology Management Division

Minutes note: A. Data Governance Board structure and composition for review and/or approval Vice-chair Henke, member Watt, and Ms. Siettmann gave an update. The board and composition would not require formal creation and legislation. The determination was that the board would operate ad-hoc similar to CART. The board would focus on sensitive data matters. The board's main purpose was to identify and track data to better protect it. Board membership and staff support would include Milwaukee Health Department, City Attorney's Office, City Records Center, Milwaukee Fire Dept., Milwaukee Police Dept, and Municipal Court. Additional membership from departments was needed. Update on board membership would be shared at the next meeting. Atty. Block said that the board should be established informally and should report to the committee. B. Updates to IT policies to reflect State of Wisconsin i. Removal of prohibited foreign products standard ii. Social Media Policy for review and/or approval iii. Mobile Device Management Policy for review and/or approval Vice-chair Henke, member Watt, and Ms. Siettmann presented. The Social Media Policy and Mobile Device Management Policy was being updated to incorporate the State's new standard to remove the use of prohibited foreign products. The new standard was for cybersecurity, privacy, and risk reasons to combat against data thief, malicious embedded softwares, and malicious hardwares. These products were believed to participate in various unacceptable and compromising activities. The banned products would include Tik Tok, WeChat, Tencent QQ, Huawei Technology, and others products as listed in the policies. Some departments (MPL) using prohibited foreign products (Tik Tok) would have to cease use of those products. Members inquired about enforcement/oversight/fire-blocking tools, restrictions on public networks (Wi-Fi), and DER's social media policy. Member Meyer-Stearns said that despite the Library's success in using Tik Tok to promote their programs/activities, they would adhere and adjust accordingly to the policies. Vice-chair Henke, member Watt, and Ms. Siettmann replied. The new standard and policies would only apply to internal City systems/networks/devices and not public systems like Wi-Fi or personal devices. There was a separate DER policy for personal devices. There was vision for ITMD and departments to enhance tools to oversee City issued devices. Both amended policies, should the committee approve them, would need formal approval by the Common Council. The DER social media policy (available on MINT), directs for City social media accounts be shared accounts and not personally established accounts. Atty. Block said that there be better language in the policies to clarify that the new standard would apply only to internal City systems. Member Klajbor moved approval, seconded by member Meyer-Stearns, of the amended Social Media Policy, as presented. There was no objection. Member Klajbor moved approval, seconded by member Riesing, of the amended Mobile Device Management Policy, as presented. There was no objection.
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   6. Review and approval of the CIMC 2022 annual report.

Minutes note: Mr. Lee said that the report was required by City Code and summarizes the meetings and items discussed by the committee for 2022. Member Klajbor moved approval, seconded by member Watt, of the 2022 CIMC annual report. There was no objection.
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   7. The following files may be placed on file as no longer necessary:

Minutes note: Member Meyer-Stearns move to place on file, seconded by member Klajbor, all files below.
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211775 0 CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its March 17, 2022 meeting.PLACED ON FILE   Action details Not available
220189 0 CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its June 16, 2022 meeting.PLACED ON FILE   Action details Not available
220575 0 CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its September 1, 2022 meeting.PLACED ON FILE   Action details Not available
221181 0 CommunicationCommunication relating to the matters to be considered by the City Information Management Committee at its December 8, 2022 meeting.PLACED ON FILE   Action details Not available
   8. Next steps.

Minutes note: A. Agenda items for the next meeting Standing items, discussion on an enterprise records and documented management system, update on Data Governance Board membership, and additional items to be determined. B. Next meeting (Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 10 a.m.)
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   9. Adjournment.

Minutes note: As directed by chair Borkowski, members and staff participants shared updates and announcements on positive department-specific IT-related projects and efforts. Municipal Court was updating its case management system from Oracle to Microsoft SQL, which will facilitate adding more online services to customers. The Library was processing and consolidating its own records (especially historical records), making them more accessible, had successful social media videos (starring member Jaeger), increasing its online systems and public access to online collections, and would be celebrating Central Library's 125th anniversary. The Treasurer's Office is in the process of replacing Tyler Technologies’ Citizen Self-Service with Resident Access. It is also replacing US Bank’s E-Pay with Tyler Payments. These changes should be completed by summer and will improve online access to property tax accounts and their payment. Ms. Siettmann will be presenting at a Wisconsin Municipal Treasurers’ Association district meeting on March 8th. The Comptroller's Office was automating its processes for a new ERP system. Water Works passed a Homeland Security audit in April 2022 related to their critical infrastructures. The Fire Dept. was also part of the Homeland Security audit, was working with the Department of Emergency Communications to consolidate and moved dispatchers over to DEC. The consolidation pertained to workflows and operations now under DEC. Dispatchers were not moving locations. City Records Center has its new management records system up and running. Trainings, videos, and workshops were being done and were available. Mr. Houston would be doing a records management workshop at the Midwest Archives Conference in Chicago. The City Clerk's Office was adding functionality to the Licenses Division Accela online application system. Simple applications were up and running. They were working to add more complicated applications. Channel 25 was working with CBS 58 to broadcast there under a subchannel, which would be an improvement over Spectrum. ITMD would be adding a second cybersecurity position (in addition to Ms. Siettmann) that would be more tactical-oriented. Ms. Siettmann received her CSIP certification and has been instrumental thus far. Accela and Oracle has been a big lift for ITMD. MFA deployment was largely complete and would be implemented soon to VPN remote access on March 8th. Cybersecurity training was ongoing and improving. Extensions were being given, and possible account suspensions could be given to those employees not participating. The ERP (PeopleSoft environment) would be changed. A consultant would do a needs and resource requirement followed by an RFP. This would impact departments, especially those dealing with finance, HR, and IT. Anticipated for next year would be selection of a vendor to produce a product. No significant changes was anticipated for the Republican National Convention. The new product would be a collaboration with all departments and an opportunity to modernize/streamline the ERP platform. User trainings for the Library was complete, and Fire and Police user trainings was almost complete. CIO Henke was also instrumental in improving security over the last few years as well. Meeting adjourned at 11:13 a.m. Chris Lee, Staff Assistant Council Records Section City Clerk's Office
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