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Meeting date/time: 3/14/2023 3:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Virtual
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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   1. Roll call

Minutes note: The meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm Members present: Ms. Morris, Ms. Klose, Ms. Layden, Ms. McSweeney and Mr. Murphy. Ms. Svetic was also present.
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   2. Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes note: Ms. McSweeney moved approval of the meeting minutes from February 14, 2023. The motion was seconded by Mr. Murphy. There were no objections.
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   3. PAIR (New Work Fund)

Minutes note: Public Artist in Residence (PAIR) Program Milwaukee.gov/PAIR Ms. Svetic said that Sarah and Angie are working on the research phase, visiting different offices, attending council and committee meetings just getting the word out. She also said that she is working on the media press release which is expected to go out this week and, that she hopes that this generates the media's attention.
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   4. Conservation Fund

Minutes note: No discussion.
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   5. New Business

Minutes note: a. Mike Abrams - WI Center Update He said that we can see the progress around the property and that it will be completed on the spring of 2024. He explained that for the outside of the existing building, along on Vel R. Phillips (between Wells and Wisconsin), a sculpture piece will be integrated with the new landscape design. He added that they are meeting with the Department of City Development, that they talked to the alderman and that he thinks there is a lot of excitement around it. He also mentioned that the art committee was formed by seven individuals with broad background committee and that they selected a couple from Florida (named R&R Studios) who have made several iconic public art pieces around the country. Mr. Abrams shared his screen with the photograph of the project. Ms. Morris asked what about the M because the M is not a signifier of Milwaukee and that she is having trouble with the instant landmark idea. Mr. Abrams said that this the piece was selected by the committee and that he is not looking for opinion or feedback, that this is just an informative session that they are doing with different groups and, that the sculpture will be up on March of 2024. Ms. Morris asked for the status of the art work that was at the old convention center. Mr. Abrams said that some walls are getting remodeled, some others will be torn down but reconfigured and that those artists (art pieces for removal) have been notified. Ms. Klose said that she appreciates the information because sometimes public art pops up without a notice. b. RNC & Potential Public Art Opportunities Ms. Layden said that she has not talked to the individual who makes melting ice sculptures but that she told him that she would bring the matter before the board in the event that there is some organized installed art like it was planned for the DNC. She asked the members if they have heard something and also said that maybe they have to start to inquiry about. She said that she is not advocating for this project. Ms. Morris said that "Imagine Mke" kind of stepped into that roll for the DNC and that she has not heard anything for the RNC and, that she agrees in keeping the ears open. Ms. Svetic said that she has not heard anything yet but that she will report back if she finds something out.
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   6. Old Business a. Office of African American Affairs Mural Project Update b. Brady St Sidewalk Project

Minutes note: a. Office of African American Affairs Mural Project Update Ms. Svetic said that she was able to touch base with the actual DPW employee who is working on getting the project coordinated in a more concrete way and, that she talked about what the subcommittee is willing to offer. She explained that there might be a need of assistance with a call for the artist and that she provided two sets of examples: the Riverworks-Beerline Trail Mural and the PAIR. She said that she hopes to have a draft before coming back to subcommittee and to share the call out when the time is appropriate. Ms. Klose said that she met with Matthew McNabney and that he is figuring out some kind of design, that they do not know if they are painting right on the brick or if they will use a wood system with a track or frame that can be swapped out every couple of years. She also said that Mr. McNabney has some ideas in the queue and that he might need a month or so. b. Brady St Sidewalk Project Ms. Morris said that Ms. Svetic has invited Rachel Taylor (BID Director), Ms. Kohler and Pamela Scesniak (the artist). Mr. Murphy said that he has heard from Ms. Taylor and Pamela Scesniak and that they are very enthusiastic and that he will follow up with the 3 guests. Ms. Klose asked Mr. Murphy if they are thinking to pull some pieces out for a museum or just leave it that way. Mr. Murphy said that he was surprised about the enthusiasm on the response from Ms. Taylor which referred to a possible pulling the exiting pieces out and putting them in a museum. He added that they were more receptive acknowledging the work than he thought. Ms. Morris said that it is an on going problem because a lot of the art projects (like the ones from the old Wisconsin Center) when their moment past, there is often no reason or way to maintain the significance and that she thinks that projects like these needs some sort of reconsideration. Mr. Murphy said that there are historic aspects of the area that are not taken into consideration. Ms. Klose said that the sidewalk project was not promoted or referenced aside or in QR code to learn more about. She said that the BID website used to mentioned briefly but not any more. She also said that it would be interesting to know if the BID a has museum space planned.
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