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File #: 180133    Version: 0
Type: Ordinance Status: Placed On File
File created: 5/8/2018 In control: COMMON COUNCIL
On agenda: Final action: 5/21/2024
Effective date:    
Title: An ordinance relating to healthy food standards for convenience food stores.
Sponsors: ALD. RAINEY



An ordinance relating to healthy food standards for convenience food stores.
68-25 cr

This ordinance shall mandate requirements for convenience food stores to
stock and maintain staple food items from all major food groups based on USDA
nutritional guidelines.
The Mayor and Common Council of the City of Milwaukee do ordain as follows:

Part 1. Section 68-25 of the code is created to read:

68-25 . Healthy Foods Required at Convenience Food Stores.

1. INTENT. It is the intent of the common council, in the interest of public, health, safety and welfare, to ensure that convenience stores in the city of Milwaukee provide a certain minimum level of healthy food.
2. DEFINITIONS, In this section:
a. “Accessory food item” means a non-staple food item, such as coffee, tea, cocoa, carbonated and non-carbonated drink, candy, condiment, or spice.
b. “Convenience food store” has the meaning provided in s. 68-1-12.
c. “Staple food” means a food item intended for home preparation and consumption, including meat, poultry, fish, bread, and breadstuffs, cereals, vegetable, fruit, fruit or vegetable juice, and dairy product.
3. HEALTHY FOODS REQUIRED. Each convenience food store shall offer the following food items for home preparation and consumption on a continuous basis:
a. Milk: 5 gallons of unsweetened, unflavored, fluid cow’s milk in up to a gallon or half-gallon containers in any combination of at least 2 of the following varieties: skim or nonfat, 1%, or 2%, or “plain” or “original” soy milk or other milk alternatives.
b. Cheese: 6 pounds of cheese in packages of at least one-half pound (8 oz.) each, in any combination of at least 3 varieties, not including processed cheese products.
c. Eggs: 6 containers of one dozen fresh large-size eggs or 12 half dozen fresh large size eggs.
d. Meat and vegetable proteins sources: At least 3 varieties of meat, poultry, and canned...

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