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Oct, 2019

PURPOSE: To develop, maintain, and update a long-term capital improvements program for the City's construction and maintenance of its infrastructure and facilities.

COMPOSITION:Seven members: The Commissioner of Public Works; the Department of Administration - Budget and Management Director; the Comptroller; the chair of the Public Works Committee; the chair of the Finance and Personnel Committee; the Common Council President; and a public member appointed by the Mayor. All except the public member may name an alternate. The public member is subject to Common Council confirmation to a three-year term. The President of the Common Council names the chair of the committee. Appointments to this body do not require Common Council confirmation.

A member who is not an elected official continues to serve after the completion of his or her term until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 320-49 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.


STAFFING: Ms. Kathleen Brengosz, office of the Common Council - City Clerk, (414)-286-3926, kbreng@milwaukee.gov

LAST UPDATED: February 16, 2017