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Jun, 2024

PURPOSE: There is created a pedestrian and bicycle advisory committee whose purpose is to make recommendations to the mayor and the common council relating to pedestrian and bicycle safety, policy, and encouragement programs and to provide technical assistance for the development of strong partnerships, the effective use of data, the implementation of comprehensive strategies, and the civic engagement of pedestrians and bicyclists.

COMPOSITION: The committee shall be composed of the following 12 members, each of whom shall be subject to confirmation by the common council: a. 9 at-large members: a-1. 3 appointed by the mayor. a-2. 3 appointed by the common council president. a-3. One member appointed by the chair of the common council’s public works committee. a-4. One member appointed by the chair of the common council’s public safety and health committee. a-5. One member appointed by the commissioner of the department of public works. b. non-voting advisors: b-1. A representative of the department of city development, appointed by the mayor. b-2. A representative of the department of public works, appointed by the mayor. b-3. A representative of the safety commission of the police department, the fire department, the fire and police commission, or the health department, appointed by the mayor.

TERMS OF OFFICE. a. Each member of the committee shall serve for a term of 3 years and may be reappointed, but shall not serve longer than 6 consecutive years. b. Any vacancy of the committee shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term within 60 days in the same manner as the original appointment.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 32-54 of the Milwaukee code of Ordinances.

STAFFING: The department of public works shall provide staff assistance to the committee. All city departments shall cooperate with the committee and provide assistance whenever the committee so requests.


LAST UPDATED: September 27, 2022