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March 2021

Mar, 2021

PURPOSE: The Millennial Task Force shall have the following duties: 1. Assess the major reasons Millennials leave Milwaukee after college graduation. 2. Assess the major reasons Millennials stay in Milwaukee after college graduation. 3. Analyze programs and policies, including peer city models, designed to attract and retain talented, young individuals. 4. Propose measures to attract and retain Millennials. 5. Make recommendations to the Common Council regarding potential legislative changes and other measures needed to address the Brain Drain problem.

COMPOSITION:The Millenial Task Force shall consist of 16 members from the following organizations, is created: 1. 4 representatives of 40 Under 40. 2. 2 representatives of the Bridge the City Podcast. 3. One representative of Galbraith Carnahan Architects. 4. One representative of Greater Milwaukee Committee. 5. One representative of Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. 6. One representative of the Milwaukee Urban League. 7. 2 representatives of Newaukee. 8. One representative of Northwestern Mutual. 9. 2 representatives of Social X. 10. One representative of Wheel & Sprocket. Members of the Task Force shall be selected by the President, Chief Executive Officer, or Executive Director of their respective organizations; and members of the Task Force may reside either inside or outside of the City of Milwaukee. Members of the Millennial Task Force shall select the chair of the Task Force. The Millennial Task Force shall be staffed by the City Clerk’s Office; and all City departments shall provide assistance to the Task Force as needed to accomplish the intent of this resolution. The Millennial Task Force shall submit a report of its findings and recommendations to the Common Council by June 30, 2020, and shall thereafter be automatically dissolved, unless extended by the Common Council.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Common Council File Number 191180

LAST UPDATED: January 6, 2021