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December 2023

Dec, 2023

PURPOSE: 1. Gather and review in-person and on-line community feedback, suggestions and comments in relation to the recommendations and other issues addressed in the United States Department of Justice draft report on the Milwaukee Police Department and Fire and Police Commission. 2. Based on this community feedback, determine which recommendations should be prioritized and develop solutions to the issues addressed in the draft report. 3. Prepare a report summarizing the community feedback and the Committee’s suggestions for priorities and solutions, and present the report to the Fire and Police Commission and the Common Council.

COMPOSITION: Sixteen members as described below. Members are not subject to Common Council confirmation and serve at the pleasure of those appointing them. 1. Three members to be appointed by the President of the Common Council. 2. A member to be appointed by the Mayor. 3. The President of the Milwaukee chapter of the NAACP, or his or her designee. 4. The Director of the African-American Round Table, or his or her designee. 5. One plaintiff of the Collins, et al., v. City of Milwaukee, et al., lawsuit, or plaintiff’s designee, to be appointed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin. 6. The Executive Director of the Southside Organizing Center, or his or her designee. 7. The President of Independence First, or his or her designee. 8. The President of Pathfinders, or his or her designee. 9. The Director of The Asha Project, or his or her designee. 10. An officer from a local LGBTQ advocacy organization, appointed by the President of the Common Council, or his or her designee. 11. A member with academic expertise in police-community relations or community engagement, to be appointed by the President of the Common Council. This member shall not have been a City employee or City contractor for two years prior to appointment.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Common Council File Number 180453, as amended by Common Council File Number 191106, 211254


STAFFING: Office of the Common Council - CIty Clerk; Ms. Linda Elmer, (414)-286-2231; lelmer@milwaukee.gov

LAST UPDATED: December 21, 2021