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December 2023

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Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
VACANCY Member4/19/2016 4/20/2020*     ALD. SPIKER
Amanda Avalos Member10/27/2017 10/27/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Ana Veloz Member7/26/2019 7/26/2022*     ALD. ZIELINSKI
Angela Lang Member10/4/2017 10/4/2020*     ALD. KOVAC
Byron Marshall, Jr. Member10/2/2017 10/2/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Charles Elbert Fox Member8/7/2017 8/7/2019*     ALD. BAUMAN
Dale Muhammad Member10/10/2017 10/10/2020*     ALD. COGGS
Darnelle Bowles Member8/16/2017 8/16/2020*     ALD. HAMILTON
Debra Fields Member10/23/2017 10/23/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Esperanza Gutierrez Member8/3/2017 8/3/2018*     ALD. PEREZ
Jeffery Hoover Member9/29/2017 9/29/2019*     ALD. LEWIS
Kenneth Harris, Jr. Member9/27/2018 9/27/2019*     ALD. STAMPER
Lee Whiting Member10/12/2021 10/12/2024*     ALD. BORKOWSKI
Marlow Davis Member8/3/2017 8/3/2020*     ALD. JOHNSON
Mary Williams Member8/15/2017 8/15/2019*     ALD. DONOVAN
Nicholas Roesler Member8/3/2017 8/3/2019*     ALD. BOHL
Randy Jones Member10/18/2021 10/18/2024*     ALD. RAINEY
Solana Patterson-Ramos Member11/9/2021 11/9/2023*     ALD. COGGS
Viola Hawkins Member4/23/2019 4/23/2023*     ALD. MURPHY
PURPOSE: It shall be the duty of the safety and civic commission to investigate, advise and report to the mayor, common council, police department, and commissioner of public works, and other city officials concerning the best methods of providing for the safety and convenience of the public in addressing civic matters of city-wide concern and to give the greatest possible publicity to these matters to educate the public in safety precautions. The goal of the safety and civic commission shall be to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee by improving safety and addressing citywide problems through effective, targeted public education and public information efforts to achieve behavior modification to lift the community as a whole. The matters under the review of the commission shall include, but not be limited to, traffic safety for motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles, reducing the demand for drugs, raising educational achievement, raising school attendance and graduation rates, addressing parenting, reducing littering, water safety, fire safety, firearm safety, accidental poisoning, and other such topics that affect the health of the city.

COMPOSITION: There is created a safety and civic commission comprised of the following, all of whom shall live in the city and shall not be city employees: a. Three members appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the common council. These members shall be appointed to a three-year term. b. Fifteen members, one appointed by the alderman or alderwoman of each aldermanic district, subject to confirmation by the common council. Initially, members from districts 1 through 3 shall be appointed to a three-year term; members from districts 4 through 9 shall be appointed to a two-year term ; and members from districts 10 through 15 shall be appointed to a one-year term. Subsequent appointments and reappointments shall be for three-year terms.

A member continues to serve after the completion of his or her term until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed.

Due to the nature of the business conducted by this body, members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Board of Ethics.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 320-27 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances, File Number 161349.


STAFFING: Police Safety Academy, 935-7990

LAST UPDATED: June 7, 2019