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March 2018

Mar, 2018

PURPOSE: To provide a community-based and youth-centered alternative to existing, formal juvenile justice processes for certain young, first-time offenders.

COMPOSITION: Seven members: 1. One member of the Milwaukee Youth Council, appointed by the Youth Council President. 2. The Common Council President or the President’s designee. 3. One member of the community with juvenile justice experience, appointed by the Mayor. 4. One representative of Milwaukee Public Schools, appointed by the superintendent. 5. One member of the Milwaukee Police Department, appointed by the Chief of Police. 6. The Director of the Community Development Grants Administration, or the Director’s designee. 7. The Presiding Judge of the Milwaukee Municipal Court or the Presiding Judge’s designee. Each member of the Advisory Board shall be confirmed by the Common Council; and, shall serve two-year terms, except that youth representatives shall serve one-year terms.

The Advisory Board shall select a chair and vice-chair from among its members at its first regular meeting by a majority vote of the Board.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Common Council File 151053


STAFFING: Joanna Polanco, 286-2366, jpolan@milwaukee.gov

Last Updated: January 11, 2018