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PURPOSE: "The purpose is to evaluate and make recommendations to the Common Council concerning the following issues that impact the interaction between local business and City government: 1. Milwaukee’s regulatory environment for business, including zoning, permits, inspections, business licenses and fees. 2. Delivery of services to business, including strategies to make City services and assistance more accessible to businesses through digital tools, improved ways of organizing service delivery, and best practices from other cities. 3. Systems that ensure the voice of the business customer is heard by all City agencies.

COMPOSITION: 13 members: 1. The Chair of the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee. 2. Two Common Council members appointed by the President of the Common Council. 3. The Commissioner of Neighborhood Services or designee. 4. The Commissioner of Health or designee. 5. The Commissioner of City Development or designee. 6. The Commissioner of Public Works or designee. 7. The Chief Information Officer or designee. 8. The City Clerk or designee. 9. A representative of the Office of the Mayor appointed by the Mayor. 10. A representative of a Business Improvement District appointed by the Mayor. 11. A representative of a Milwaukee entrepreneurship support organization appointed by the Mayor. 12. A representative of the small business community appointed by the Common Council President. The Mayor and Common Council shall each appoint one member to serve as co-chair.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Common Council File Number 0140081


STAFFING: Ms. Jessica Celella, office of the Common Council - City Clerk, 286-2775

LAST UPDATED: July 17, 2014