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October 2023

Oct, 2023

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Kirsten Johnson Member3/1/2021 4/15/2024     Mayor Tom Barrett
VACANCY Member4/16/2016 4/20/2020*     ALD. JOHNSON
ALD. PEREZ Chair4/19/2022 4/15/2024 jperez@milwaukee.gov http://www.milw....gov/district12  
Byron Marshall, Jr. Member7/29/2021 7/29/2024*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Chytania Brown Member2/17/2021 2/17/2024*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Ellen Gilligan Member4/6/2021 4/6/2024*     ALD. HAMILTON
James Ferguson, II Member5/21/2020 5/21/2023*     ALD. HAMILTON
Kalan Haywood, II Member3/3/2021 3/3/2024*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Larry Miller Member8/9/2019 8/9/2022*     ALD. HAMILTON
Mayor Cavalier Johnson Chair12/22/2021 4/15/2024      
Ramona Sledge Member4/4/2019 4/4/2022* rms2@uwm.edu   ALD. HAMILTON
Rashaad Washington Member3/21/2021 3/21/2024*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Ricardo Wynn Designee4/19/2022 4/19/2025*     David Crowley
Shannon Reed Member8/30/2019 8/30/2022*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Spencer Coggs Member4/28/2020 4/15/2024      
Steven Johnson Member - Milwaukee Police Department11/23/2021 11/23/2024     ALD. JOHNSON
Torre Johnson Member1/20/2017 1/20/2020*     ALD. HAMILTON
PURPOSE: To make recommendations to the Common Council on the issue of African American male achievement. The black male achievement advisory council shall also oversee the City Leadership Grant to Promote Black Male Achievement from the National League of Cities’ Institute for Youth, Education and Families and to include making recommendations relating to the My Brother’s Keeper presidential initiative.

COMPOSITION:Seventeen members, each of whom serves a three-year term: 1. The mayor shall be honorary co-chair. His or her attendance shall not be required. 2. The common council president shall be co-chair. 3. The city treasurer, or his or her designee 4. The commissioner of health, or his or her designee 5. A Milwaukee police department representative, a Milwaukee fire department or the fire and police commission representative appointed by the common council president 6. The Milwaukee county executive or designee 7. A representative of the Milwaukee board of school directors, appointed by the common council president 8. A representative of a faith-based organization, appointed by the common council president 9. A representative of the business community, appointed by the mayor 10. Two representatives of the philanthropic community, one of whom shall be appointed by the mayor and one shall be appointed by the common council president 11. Six other persons, four of whom shall be appointed by the mayor, and two shall be appointed by the common council president

CREATING AUTHORITY: Common Council File Number 121719, 131642, 141190, and 160182


STAFFING: Ms. Joanna Polanco, 286-2366, jpolan@milwaukee.gov

LAST UPDATED: November 11, 2021