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Type: Administrative Review Appeals Board
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December 2023

Dec, 2023

PURPOSE: Review of administrative actions that involve the constitutionally-protected rights of certain persons entitled to due process protection.

COMPOSITION: Five members, each serving two-year terms: A duly-licensed attorney who is also a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin and who has practiced law within the state for a minimum of 7 years, appointed by the City Attorney; a Common Council member appointed by the President of the Common Council; and three citizen members (two appointed by the Mayor and one appointed by the President of the Common Council). The City Attorney also appoints one alternate citizen member who acts only in the absence of one of the members or if one of the members must abstain from voting. Members elect one member to act as chair.

All members are subject to confirmation by the Common Council.

Members shall be appointed no later than 60 days after the third Tuesday in April in even-numbered years to two-year terms expiring on the third Tuesday of April two years thereafter. When a vacancy occurs in a board position, the appointing authority shall make an appointment within 60 days after the vacancy occurs.

A member who is not an elected official continues to serve after the completion of his or her term until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed.

Due to the nature of the business conducted by this body, members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Board of Ethics.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 320-11, Milwaukee Code of Ordinances

SALARY: $187 per meeting, but no more than 12 meetings per year.

STAFFING: Linda Elmer, 286-2231 Fax: 286-3456, lelmer@milwaukee.gov

LAST UPDATED: May 18, 2021