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Jun, 2024

PURPOSE: Recommend policies and guidelines to the Mayor and Common Council for management of the City's information resources; promote interdepartmental and intergovernmental sharing of information resources and promulgate guidelines for development and maintenance of City records.

COMPOSITION: Ten members: Mayor; a member of the Common Council (designated Chair of the Committee) appointed by the Council President; City Comptroller; City Treasurer; City Clerk; Director of Administration; City Librarian; Commissioner of Public Works; and the chiefs of the Fire and Police Departments. Any of the above members, with the exception of the Common Council member, may name a designee. The designee of the Fire and Police Chiefs must be in salary grade 1G to 1P, 2KX to 2NX, or 4M to 4R. All other designees, except for that of the Mayor, must be in pay ranges 1G to 1P or 2KX to 2NX. Appointments to this body do not require Common Council confirmation. The City Attorney must designate an assistant City Attorney to be present at all meetings.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 320-31 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.


STAFFING: Department of Administration, 286-8710

LAST UPDATED: November 11, 2021