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PURPOSE: Plans, designs, constructs, maintains and operates a sewerage system for the collection, transmission and disposal of all sewage of the metropolitan sewerage service area. Restores, protects and manages water resources in order to improve the environment and quality of life, safeguard public health and property, and ensure sustainable economic development.

COMPOSITION: The District is administered by 11 commissioners, seven representing the City. These seven, who must be City residents, are nominated by the Mayor and must be confirmed by a majority of the members-elect of the Common Council. Three of the seven must be elected officials, as defined in s. 200.23(2), Wis. Stats. Elected officials serve one-year terms. Those nominated by the Mayor who are not elected officials serve three-year terms.

Nominees may begin to serve immediately upon their nominations pending their confirmations and may continue to serve until the Mayor withdraws their nominations or they are rejected by the Common Council, whichever occurs first.

All of the above terms begin on the second Tuesday in July. Members appointed to fill vacancies receive only the balance of their predecessor's term. No commissioner may serve more than 9 consecutive years. The Mayor is obligated to name successors to those holding expiring terms no later than six weeks before the terms are set to expire.

The other four commissioners are appointed by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council, a body composed of the elected executive officer of each City, Village, and Town that is wholly or partly within the boundaries of the District. Three of these commmissioners must be elected officials. Each commissioner appointed by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council serves for a three-year term.

Members continue to serve after the completion of their terms until reappointed or until successors have been appointed.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Chapter 200, subchapter II, Wis. Stats

SALARY: $12,370, chairperson (annually); $10,683, other commissioners (annually)

STAFFING: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, 225-2108


LAST UPDATED: January 25, 2019