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PURPOSE: The board has general care, control and supervision of the City library and prescribes regulations for the management of the library.

COMPOSITION: Twelve members: the President of the School Board (or designee); the Superintendent of Schools (or designee); three members of the Common Council, appointed by the Mayor, to serve during their terms of office; five City residents, appointed by the Mayor to terms of four years, one to be named as the Mayor's representative on the Board; one City resident appointed by the President of the Common Council to a four-year term and designated as the President's representative on the board; and a member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Board of Supervisors for a term of four years. Appointments to this body do not require Common Council confirmation.

The terms of the six public members begin and end on the third Tuesday of April. The term of the County Board Member begins and ends on May 1.

A member who is not an elected official continues to serve after the completion of his or her term until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed.

Due to the nature of the business conducted by this body, members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Board of Ethics.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 43.54(1)(am), Wis. Stats

SALARY: $20 per meeting for nongovernmental members

STAFFING: Secretary for the Library Director, 286-3021

PLEASE NOTE:"2099" terms are assigned to ex officio members of bodies who do not have precise terms.

LAST UPDATED: November 11, 2021