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October 2020

Oct, 2020

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Aimee Obregon Member4/19/2016 4/16/2018*     Edward Flynn
ALD. DODD Member6/3/2014 4/19/2016* ALD05@milwaukee.gov   Mayor Tom Barrett
ALD. LEWIS Member2/26/2019 4/20/2021* Chantia.Lewis@milwaukee.gov   ALD. HAMILTON
Alvience Sue Lamb Undrsrvd. AA7/24/2014 4/19/2016*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Ann Ranfranz DA - SA4/19/2016 4/16/2018*     John Chisholm
Anne David DV Service Provider10/31/2018 4/20/2020* annedavid24@yahoo.com   ALD. HAMILTON
Annika Leonard SA Service Provider10/5/2018 4/20/2020*     ALD. HAMILTON
Antonia Drew Vann DV Service Provider6/10/2014 4/19/2016*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Ba Yang Alternate9/29/2014 4/19/2016*     Tammie Xiong
Caitlin Noonan DV Service Provider7/17/2018 4/20/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Carmen Barnes LGBT12/11/2013 4/15/2014*     ALD. HINES JR.
Carmen Pitre DV Service Provider8/30/2019 4/20/2021*     ALD. HAMILTON
Connie Medina Alternate7/10/2013 4/15/2014*     James Shepard
Dana World Patterson SA Service Provider10/2/2018 4/20/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
David Crowley Alternate12/17/2013 4/15/2014*     ALD. DODD
Dawn Helmrich Victim Advocate4/20/2016 4/16/2018* dhelmrich@unitedwaymilwaukee.org   ALD. HAMILTON
Deborah Moore Alternate5/16/2018 4/20/2020*     ALD. LEWIS
Devin Thomas SA Service Provider4/20/2016 4/16/2018*     ALD. HAMILTON
Earnest Goggins, Jr. SA Service Provider5/21/2015 4/19/2016*     ALD. MURPHY
Eileen Alvarado Alternate7/16/2014 4/19/2016*     Mariana Rodriguez
Elisabeth Mueller DA - DV4/20/2016 4/16/2018*     John Chisholm
Gregory Lewis Alternate12/2/2013 4/15/2014*     Alice Belcher
James Welsh DV Service Provider7/17/2014 4/19/2016*     ALD. MURPHY
Jan Singer SA Service Provider7/25/2018 4/20/2020* lifeadventure204@earthlink.net   Mayor Tom Barrett
Jane Foley DA - CC4/19/2016 4/16/2018*     John Chisholm
Jessica Kotsakis DHFS11/17/2014 4/19/2016*      
Joua Yang Alternate8/2/2012 4/15/2014*     Maytong Chang
Julie Ann Bock SA Service Provider6/27/2018 4/20/2020*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Kristin Schrank Alternate4/19/2016 4/16/2018*     Jane Foley
Latrice Buck DV Service Provider6/6/2014 4/19/2016*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Lynn Menefee Alternate6/25/2013 4/15/2014*     Terri Strodthoff
Mariana Rodriguez Undrsrvd. Latino4/20/2016 4/16/2018*     ALD. HAMILTON
Maryann Gorski SA Service Provider6/26/2014 4/19/2016* mgorskiceap@yahoo.com   ALD. MURPHY
Maryann K. Clesceri SA Service Provider4/26/2019 4/20/2021*     ALD. HAMILTON
Maxine White Judiciary2/26/2019 4/20/2021*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Muneebah Abdullah SA Service Provider10/30/2018 4/20/2020*     ALD. HAMILTON
Nicole Davila Member4/19/2016 4/16/2018*     Edward Flynn
Niel Thoreson Dept. of Corr.4/14/2014 4/19/2016*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Patricia McKeithan HC Service Provider7/2/2014 4/19/2016*     ALD. MURPHY
Patricia McManus HC Service Provider4/20/2016 4/16/2018*     ALD. HAMILTON
Patrick Kenney DA - DV4/19/2016 4/19/2016*     John Chisholm
Raisa Koltun Member1/8/2014 4/15/2014*     Chris Abele
Ramona Dicks-Williams Member12/22/2016 4/16/2018*     Chris Abele
Ruth Tucker Undrsrvd. NA6/10/2014 4/19/2016*     Mayor Tom Barrett
Samantha Collier DV Service Provider8/13/2018 4/20/2020* teamteal365@gmail.com   Mayor Tom Barrett
Sharain Horn DV Service Provider7/30/2019 4/20/2021*     ALD. HAMILTON
Sheila Bost Member5/15/2015 4/19/2016*     Darienne Driver
Tammie Xiong Undrsrvd. SE Asian4/20/2016 4/16/2018*     ALD. HAMILTON
PURPOSE: To coordinate the community's response to domestic violence and sexual assault by promoting communication and collaboration among members of law enforcement, victims advocates, court staff, school personnel, health care providers, abuser programs, corrections officials, policy-makers, children's service providers, prosecutors, and the community at large.

COMPOSITION: Thirty-three members, subject to confirmation by the Common Council: one appointed by the Mayor; one appointed by the Common Council President; one appointed by the Milwaukee County Executive; two representing the MPD with expertise in the areas of domestic violance and sexual assault (appointed by the Chief of Police); one member appointed by the Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent; one representative of child welfare agencies (appointed by the director of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, Division of Children and Families, Wisconsin Dept. of Health and Family Services); three Assistant District Attorneys to be appointed by the District Attorney (one each from the areas of sexual assault and domestic violence and one working with matters in children's court); one representative of the State Legislature (appointed by the Mayor); one representative of Health Care Service Providers (appointed by the Common Council President); one representative of the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections-Division of Community Corrections (appointed by the Mayor); one representative of victim advocates (appointed by the Common Council President); four representatives of underserved communities (two appointed by the Mayor and two appointed by the Common Council President, one of each of whom shall represent the African-American, Hispanic, Native American and Southeast Asian communities); six representatives of sexual assault and sexual abuse service providers (three appointed by the Common Council President and three appointed by the Mayor); seven representatives of domestic violence service providers (four appointed by the Common Council President and three appointed by the Mayor); one representative of the LGBT community center (appointed by the Common Council President); and one representative of the Milwaukee judicial sector (appointed by the Common Council President).

These members shall be selected from names recommended by the executive committee of the Commission. The appointing authority may request that additional names be submitted for consideration if the executive committee submits only one name for a vacancy.

Any member may name an alternate by notifying the City Clerk in writing of that alternate. Alternate members shall have full voting rights when the principal members are unable to attend. Members shall be appointed no later than 60 days after the third Tuesday in April in even numbered years to two-year terms expiring on the third Tuesday of April two years thereafter.

A member who is not an elected official continues to serve after the completion of his or her term until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 320-22 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.

SALARY: $20 per meeting

STAFFING: Karin Tyler, Health Department, 286-2997


LAST UPDATED: December 11, 2019