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June 2023

Jun, 2023

PURPOSE: To set policy guidelines for the operation of the City's personnel department; to establish rules regarding examination, testing and promotion of City employees; and to serve as an appeals board relating to disciplinary actions taken against City employes.

COMPOSITION: Five members, appointed by the Mayor to five-year terms which expire on the first Monday in July. The Mayor must make his or her appointments for terms expiring in a particular year in June of that year. No more than two members of the Board may be members of the same political party. Commissioners may hold no other "lucrative office or employment" under the United States, the state of Wisconsin or any municipal corporation or political division thereof.

Members continue to serve after the completion of their terms until reappointed or until a successor has been appointed. Appointments to this body do not require Common Council confirmation.

Due to the nature of the business conducted by this body, members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Board of Ethics.

CREATING AUTHORITY: Section 63.18, Wis. Stats.

SALARY: $161.54 biweekly

STAFFING: Department of Employee Relations, Karen Biernat, 286-3398


LAST UPDATED: July 27, 2018