From: Bohl, James
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:56 PM
To: Lee, Chris
Subject: FW: A Statment on the Moderne

From: Lyle Balistreri []
Sent: Mon 5/14/2012 4:04 PM
Cc: Hines Jr., Willie; Hamilton, Ashanti; Davis Sr., Joe; Kovac, Nik; Bauman, Robert; Bohl, James; Coggs, Milele; Wade, Willie; Donovan, Robert; Puente, Robert; Murphy, Michael (Alderman); Dudzik, Joseph; Perez, Jose; Witkowski, Terry; Zielinski, Tony
Subject: A Statment on the Moderne

To all City of Milwaukee Aldermen:


Please consider the following statement regarding the Moderne.




Lyle Balistreri, President

Milwaukee Building & Construction Trades Council



Statement on the Moderne


The report prepared for this week�s Common Council committee meetings about progress on The Moderne project shows the value of pursuing a �high road� economic model. 


The financial assistance provided by the City of Milwaukee demonstrates that prudently invested public dollars can create good career-track jobs for local residents, as well as opportunity for local contractors.  


For those who present a false choice of union versus community, this project presents a reminder that union workers are part of our community.   More union construction jobs mean more opportunities for apprentices to enter or rejoin the workforce, start or continue their construction careers, bolstered by the good training local apprenticeship programs provide.


The Moderne project came to fruition during an extremely difficult economy.  Through the partnership of the City of Milwaukee, HUD, and the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust Fund, it offers good wages in a safe work environment and uses local and minority contractors who are employing city residents.


Anyone who says this model can't happen isn't trying hard enough.  Let�s hope the evidence of The Moderne�s success sets the model for future City investment.