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Meeting date/time: 10/29/2018 3:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Room 303, City Hall
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video:  
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   1. Roll Call

Minutes note: The meeting convened at 3:36 p.m. Ms. Garcia joined the meeting at 3:39 p.m. Individuals also present: Sally Witte, DCD Tea Norfolk, LRB
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   2. Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes note: The minutes were approved without objections.
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   3. Discussion Relating to the Charge of the Subcommittee

Minutes note: Mr. Flores stated the Arts Board voted that a new flag was necessary, and the report should include a review of the People's Flag process and recommendations for how to proceed, an opportunity for a public comment period for people who oppose the People's Flag. Mr. DeLind stated the Subcommittee is not responsible for designing a new flag. Ms. Klose stated there was an article about designers working in government and some of their challenges. She asked if other cities have done RFPs or RFQs. Ms. McSweeney asked about the processes in other cities. Ms. Norfolk stated there may have been one city that created a new flag from a RFP/RFQ process. She added that most other cities had a similar process to the People's Flag, but not all those cities adopted the new flag design. Ms. Witte stated Provo, UT had an internal process. Mr. Flores asked if the People's Flag process was good enough or was it not up to the standard that a municipality would require. He stated that they went to schools and community groups, and had information in the media and on social media, but that segments were missed such as the elderly, people with disabilities, people whose first language was not English, and people were not technology profient. He stated he was impressed by what they accomplished, but too many segments of the population were missed and he would not adopt the process. Ms. Kosarzycki stated at her day job dealing with people with disablities and the elderly all of their materials must be provided in Spanish, Russian, and Hmong, according to the State. She stated for 2019 their materials must also be provided in Arabic and Burmese. She stated that it never occurred to the People's Flag group to provide information in languages other than English. Ms. Garcia stated in rating the process the goal is to be as inclusive as possible and the structures were not in place to encourage inclusivity. Mr. Flores stated he has concerns that no data was collected about the outreach and who was involved in the process. Ms. McSweeney stated everyday we become more politically correct and the People's Flag did what they thought was best, but it could have been done better. She stated that it was her understanding that the aldermen didn't offer any help to the People's Flag organizers or offer any parameters. Mr. Flores stated the People's Flag organizers had the best of intentions but the Subcommittee needs to look critically at the process. He stated that the process didn't include the greatest amount of designs because of the rules. Ms. Harpole stated they did a good job of outreach in certain areas, but she talked to people in Bronzeville and Sherman Park and they were unaware of of the process and the People's Flag didn't mean anything to them. Mr. DeLind stated he thought the Black Holocust Museum had involvement in the process. Ms. Harpole stated Reggie Jackson is not involved in the dissemination of information in the African American community and many of the groups in the inner city. Ms. Garcia stated the outreach strategy wasn't rooted in knowing community representatives, and resources weren't utilized. She stated that input from outside of Milwaukee was emphasized, when places in Milwaukee weren't included. She stated that 2 years ago there was still a big Latino and migrant population, this process didn't occur in the 1950's. She stated that the process was not good enough to be inclusive of all people. Mr. DeLind stated for a grassroots organization they were inclusive with the best of intentions because they went to schools, universities, and Boys & Girls Clubs, and he was impressed and comfortable with the process. Ms. Garcia stated the design rules seem self-promoting of Ted Kaye. Ms. Harpole stated she was unhappy with the design parameters. Ms. Klose stated Mr. Kaye is the expert so she would defer to him, but the process fell short. Ms. McSweeney stated she thought the process was good enough because they were volunteers and they did not get help from the City. She stated that she doesn't like the design and the media outreach was a problem. Ms. Kosarzycki stated they did the best that they knew how, but they didn't bring enough people into their decision making circle to be inclusive, but the process was good enough and it could have been better. She stated if the design parameters were been opened up, there could have been some great designs. She stated all 1,000 designs submitted looked similiar. All but one member agreed that the People's Flag process was not sufficient for the Common Council to adopt. Ms. Klose stated maybe an RFP process with a comment period should be a recommendation. Mr. Flores suggested the following options: revise the current flag, which might include removing the offensive images; adopt the People's Flag; augment the People's Flag process to include more voices and/or designs; or start all over with a contest or RFP or internal design staff, to include the City's overall branding. Ms. Korsarzycki stated she likes option 3. Ms. McSweeney stated option 5 could be media outreach. Ms. Korsarzycki stated there are so many community groups that outreach shouldn't be big problem. Mr. Flores stated media outreach should be included in all options. Mr. DeLind stated the process should be begin with education about what the People's Flag is, because he didn't know about it until a month ago. Ms. Harpole stated the City has all kinds of information about community groups, senior citizen centers, and BIDs that can be used a resources.
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   4. Set Next Meeting Dates(s)

Minutes note: The next meeting was set for 4 p.m. on November 5th. The meeting adjourned at 4:31 p.m. Molly Kuether-Steele Staff Assistant
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